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Why i do not like to post in this forum

I have been a regular user of this forum. Infact I've learned a lot from this forum a lot. But recently I've seen some people are just taking everyone for a ride. you may not agree with someone but that does not give you a license to either abuse or troll someone or getting someone banned.

As I have said initially, I will use this forum to learn. But i don't this i'll have a guts to post a reply or start a new thread here.



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I wonder if you'd be kind enough to clarify? your last sentence was a little confusing.



Anup Singh was banned from the forum despite giving out good advice and helping others and now i see some people and really using bad language/trolling others!!!!.

That is the reason I've NOT posted a new topic or even replied to any conversations.


Thanks for that, but you should persist. 

Your opinion is as valuable as anybody elses. 

I don't like being attacked by ignorant people (as in too lazy to check out the science, or too hidebound in their prejudice to make a difference) and have had to grow a pretty thick skin, but if the status quo is maintained then the problem of diet and health will persist. As I've said many times, change will not come from top down dollar motivation, but from bottom up with intelligent people like yourself, with an exasperated mind and access to the web - ie free thinkers and more than that - doers!

By the way, I never attack those who disagree with my stance personally and I didn't see the insults Anup mentioned, but be assured I will report any abuse in the future.

This forum is supposed to be getting at the root of the causes of diet related woes, and there is no place for inflated egos wanting to stifle or ban people with differing views from themselves!


It seems, people have lost courtesy and modesty. They react and insult as if they know everything and as if they have the right to do so. It is disheartening to read their responses and comments. 

Even, I did not feel like responding to couple of them who reacted harshly to my replies , even without properly reading what I had written.


Is this forum is betterment of diabitic or for 

fighting accusing one another



You are right. I also didn't respond to harsh words for me. May god forgive them and give wisdom.

No use getting into scuffle.


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