I am a 67 years old diabetic. Was prescribed Lanctus insulin plus glucored forte 10 years back. Since a few years back I felt that the Tablets were not working I stopped the tablets and continued with a larger single dose of Lanctus (self medication). I strongly feel that the tablets are only to help squeezing  insulin from the pancreas but when the pancreas has almost stopped working what is the use ? Am I right ?

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  • If you use powerful medicines to control a condition whilst continuing a lifestyle that caused that condition then a poor outlook is assured. Doubling up with self medication and guessing the outcome is insanity!

    Change the lifestyle, change the outcome. Your diet has got you to where you are - change it!

  • Thanks . Will do

  • Please do not change or alter any medication without the advice of your physician. Still time to catch up.

  • Ok

  • Following is recommended: (1) Eat seasonal fruits & vegetables which are eligible for Diabetic person. (2) 75% of the calories needed should come from complex carbohydrate & 1 gram of carbohydrates contains 4 calories. (3) 20% calories should come from proteins. (4) Eat little fat, Polyunsaturated fats are preferable- 1 gram fat = 9 calories. (5) Eat minimum of 40 grams of Fiber like whole grains, fruits, vegetable & legumes. (6) Lower your Cholesterol. You should not eat more than 300mg of Cholesterol per day. (7) Eat small amount several times a day (5 or 6) instead of 3 big meals. (8) Consume any Patented Nutritional supplement that contains Chromium picolinate. Ginseng produces an effect similar to the element. Be careful about alcohol. (9) Exercise  for diabetic like a dose of insulin. These  treatment should be followed for long period of time. Soon you will observe positive results. (10) Any treatment that you take should be under Medical Care since Diabetes, which is not adequately looked after : can cause in time serious problems to your blood circulation, sight, kidneys etc.

  • Thanks for the detailed reply

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