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Let introduce myself

I am 72 years old women and approximately 17 years of Type 2 Diabetes. I am not insulin dependent. But, I have insulin. resistance.

In the last year I consulted 3 doctors looking for a better regulation of my glucose levels.

Each one took out a drug and introduced another.

Finally, last specialist asked for an MRI and it was clear evidence that I have in the pancreas branched mucilaginous cysts in secondary ducts.

Next Monday I'll see the pancreas specialist.

My inquire to the forum is: Cysts in the pancreas are a problem of the panacreas or are a complication of type 2 diabetes?

Has anyone passed this experience?

Thank s for reading me.

BEst regards


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Cysts in pancreas could occur due to long term therapy of type 2 drugs especially Sitagliptin and vildagliptin.

If the cysts size is more than 3 cm, it requires a follow up. May be, your doctor can ask for a endoscopic ultrasonography with biopsy to assess if it is malignant. If it is not malignant , nothing to worry.

You may request your doctor to withdraw gliptin drugs if you are taking. At best you can take metformin .

You should control your blood sugar by diet especially LCHF diet , exercise/ brisk walk post meal for 30-45 mnts. you may consider Reducing your overall daily calories intake by 20-30%. Calories should come mainly from healthy fat, Protein, lot of vegetables including leafy veg,

Intermediate fasting should be helpful.

Disclaimer :

Please consult your doctor before you undertake any major changes in medicines and dietary changes.


Thank you very much for your answer. Yes, I have used, sitagliptin. The GP had not advised me about adverse effects. Actually I had adverse effects.


Sitagliptin was launched sometimes in 2007. In 2009, USFDA gave a warning that it can cause pancreatitis for public interest. A link attached for your reference.


Thereafter FDA did not approve another gliptin called Vildagliptin which was in the queue at that time.

Anyway , it is never too late . Please ask your doctor to stop sitagliptin.please show him this link. You need to follow up on your cysts for further medical advice .

Please spend 1 hour per day in reading the posts under HU. You will learn a lot . Many people are able to control blood sugar with minimal medication and I strongly believe that you too can control your blood sugar with diet and exercise and minimal medication.

T2 Diabetes is not a disease and so it can not be cured by drugs. It is a lifestyle disorder and if you correct your life style , you can recover and you can lead a healthy life for 100 years at least.

If you are in the higher range of BMI, your objective should be to reduce your weight. It is possible by diet and exercise and IF to achieve your goal.

May God bless you for a quick recovery !


Your words are very wise and reassure me. I am very grateful.


greetings madam

Please Avoid Milk, Creamer or yoghurt (all have natural sugar) which is hidden. All root based veg and that includes white flour.

Please take baby onion (shallots) few and Ivy gourd (two pieces). Baby onion increases insulin level and Ivy gourd reduces sugar level. Also avoid corn and fresh juices ( as fructose forms)

if you get Ash gourd (white Pumpkin) over there, have 250 gms with its skin and flesh in empty stomach before breakfast and and take a test report.

A,so when you have breakfast , there must be gap and lunch normal.

This diabetic is reversible. Please do some twisting exercise even by sitting in chair as it squeezes the stomach part (as pancreas are blocked).



Thanks for your answer. I will take your advice into account.


Your insulin resistance leaves you susceptible to cysts. Insulin has the sibling hormone, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). It is triggered in the same way, so when your insulin is in excess, IGF-1 will be in excess, causing abnormal growth. This puts you at risk of other chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer and vascular dementia too.

If your medications involve producing more insulin, you need to discuss reducing them with your GP because they are exacerbating your insulin resistance.

Ultimately, if your blood glucose is high you need to reduce your carbohydrate intake. That is the food that directly affects your blood glucose. The best sources for you are berries and/or non-starchy veg. Grains can be no more than a condiment, and even fruit must be limited.

To avoid hunger, have sensible amounts of natural fat such as coconut, avocado, eggs, animal fats, full-fat dairy (if you tolerate it), olives, seeds, and tree nuts.


Thanks Concerned. A lot of information. Yes I have hypoglucemia many times in a week. I have problems with green leaves (cooked or not) and tree nuts (bowel diverticules). I drink dislactosaded milk. Nevertheless, I will tried to modify my diet.

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You have not mentioned about your blood sugar pp & f, lipid profile,BP,H1Ac

& other parameters & what are you taking drugs.


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Thank you for your answer. Later on, I will post my biochemical lab issues. Thanks again


Avoid too much gliptin drugs i.e. sitagliptin and vildagliptin.These are DDP4 innihibitor.Go to a reputed diabetologist I hope it is noncancerous.control suger through diet.It is possible.Just try with determination.Thanks .


Hummm. Sitagliptin....Do you know that sitagliptin together with metformin has adverse effects?. I had suffered them. Now I am only with repaglinide. Thank you for your advice




pancreatic cysts are an incidental finding on exploration

.they may not explain your diabetes

both are causally unrelated

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Thank you very much for your answer. Could be it is controversial, taking into account other comments in this forum. Thanks again.


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