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Sugar Level after breakfast is very high.

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My Fasting is 125, but 1 hour after breakfast of 1 slice of bread with 1 egg omlette & 1 cup of tea, it increases to 225. Is there any way to control it. This is after taking Glimipride-1mg & Metformin-500mg.

My Sugar level after Lunch & Dinner after 1 hour of Lunch & Dinner with Glimipride-1mg & Metformin-500mg is between 150-160.

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The approach of taking medicines and trying to control the sugar levels will never work!!! REDUCE THE CARBS.. Bread in your breakfast is causing the sugar levels to spike.. White bread is like eating direct sugar..

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only 1 slice of brown bread with butter.

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Brown bread and white bread doesn't matter.. Both are refined carbohydrates.. Your readings tell that your body is not able to handle brown bread.. God knows how the factories make brown bread.. Alternative is to bring whole wheat.. mill it to get flour and make chapathis.. that way you are atleast sure you are eating whole wheat..

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Bread they are adding sugar be it a brown bread or white

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Try bran bread or bran roti both are readily available in market

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i've reduced my carb intake quite substantially.

A bowl of Rice with Two bowls of Dal & Lots of veggies, salad & egg omlette.

The Dinner is 2 rotis with vegetables & salad.

My Fasting & PP have come down substantially. Earlier i was on 5 oral medication & now on 4mg Glimipride & 2000mg of Metformin.

The other medicines which i've chucked are Januvia, Voglibose & Mclazide)

I still cant figure out the reason for the increase of sugar after breakfast.

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Breakfast should be of least carb.IF possible make it zero carb.

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Please measure PP BS after 2 hours of finishing the Breakfast.

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Take your readings before breakfast and then 2 hours after you started breakfast. The same for lunch/ dinner. This will help establish bs levels just before eating and 2 hours after you begin the meals (the PP) reading. Later on you can skip the readings before the meals.

Bread is definitely going to cause a spike. Actually what chapati/ rotis will cause a spike too but slightly better than bread. Keep in mind you need to consider the glycemic index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL) of foods that you eat. GI is how quickly the food releases sugar when you eat it. You want to eat foods with a low GI. GL is how much sugar you will get from the food. E.g. you can eat a spoon full of sugar which has extremely high GI. and you can eat something else which has low GI but lots of it, so all together you will get same or more amount of sugar compared to a spoon of sugar. You will get plenty of information about GI and GL online.

Have you talked to your doctor about the increase in breakfast pp?

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Instead of just Metformin, take Metformin+Voglibose0.3mg combination

(Volix M0.3). This will help reduce sugar level after meal.

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Would you please let us know what this unique food bharda contains and how much it costs. Also how can we get in other parts of india

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