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I am diabetic for last 13 years My fasting sugar 85-90 & level after food is 170-200. medication 3 times daily.Whether I go for Insulin?

I am diabetic since 2000.Age 54 weight 59kg height 163cm.Fasting sugar 85-90 post 170-200.last 2 years medication- comnb of Metformin 500 mg and pioglitazone hp 15mg after breakfast and comb of metformin 500mg and glicazide 80mg after lunch and dinner .

HBA1C is 6.3. .Iam also taking Shakti diabetic mix(curry leaves,methi seeds &,haldi powder mix)after food.Iam also doing water therapy for last 2 months.(1.5 liters of water intake first thing in the morning)

I feel my Sugar level is high post food even after all these medication.

What is long term side effects of these medicines?whether I should go for Insulin.Pl suggest long term remedy

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Thanks for your suggestion.Now I am taking Shakti diabetic mix 15-30 min before lunch and started taking amla juice.My ppbs ha sreduced by 15-20points and feeling more energetic..


Your fasting level and HbA1c are very normal.You may fine tune your medication after consulting your doctor.Please do not think of insulin right away


your pp bs is bit high. you can maintain it by diet control and some physical exercies folle=wed with walking both time.if ur doctor suggests you insuline. dont woory . insiline is very safe.. be always tenson free and enjoy life..


Change your food timings and have small meals at intervals instead of taking one full meal at noon. You don't deserve insulin treatment. as seen from the results.


Dear Anup whether this will work well with me Iam not over weight and donot intend to lose any more.My height is 163cm and weight varies from 58-60Kg .In fact I would like to gain 2-3 kg weight

Iam working and most of the time is sitting in one place.

Pl suggest some suitable low carb high fat diet


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