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I am Diabetic and also a BP patient. Taking Insulin and BP medicines daily. I had problems with: anxiety, fear and phobia. Also, I don't get good sleep. Someone suggested to use Ayurvedic medicine, so I contacted an Ayurvedic doctor. He prescribed Ayurvedic medicines. They are: Manamitra Vataka and Rajani Yoga Valid. It appears these two medicines are suitable for my current problems.

Is anyone using Ayurvedic medicines? Kindly advise. Can I take these medicines along with Lantus, etc.? Regards.

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Please not if one medication works for one human, it may not work on another human.

Would it be possible for you to give BP and blood glucose numbers?

Depending on you overall health, you can reduce BP and blood glucose by diet and exercise!!!

Food intake, portion control and watching out for free and hidden sugar in food and drinks can help towards a healthy life.

Have you had your Covid vaccinations?

Take care.

My sugar levels are 100 fasting and after food 170 after two houra bp 120/85.

You BP of 120/85 looks good with medication?

Have you had a HbA1C blood test and what is the reading?

you may need to discuss your BP medication dosage with your doctor?


Thanks for your kind reply. Consulted pshycriatist in 2018. He prescribed strong medicines like suzodon etc. I got fits after taking those medicines. Consulted doctorHe said it is strange and May be old age effect. I stopped those medicines. Now I thought of shifting to ayurvedic medicines. This is my story sir.

Finished. Both two doses covidshield vaccine in April.

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Dear Sir If you have anxiety, fear and Fobia , I would strongly recommend you to consult a psychiatrist.

A year back, based upon a similar situation of one of my relative , he consulted a psychiatrist and the doctor was very competent... Before going for allopathy medications which are supposed to be very effective in countering anxiety, fear, but these medicines are habit forming and may have long term side effects on your health....

Before starting those habit forming medicines, he had a different strategy. He wanted to find out the root cause.

He advised for the following tests.

(1) Vitamin D level, (2) Vitamin B12

(3)Iron panel Blood Ferritin (Body iron stores) and CBC.

Any one of these parameters are out of range , you can have anxiety, sleeplessness & fear. Also if you have Magnesium and calcium deficiency,

then also you can have the symptoms.

My relative's Blood Ferritin level was very low ,while other parameters are with in range. ..and he was prescribed a simple iron tablet containing Ferrous biglycinate containing 25 mg elemental iron per day for 3 months.

He was also advised as follows:

(1) Go to your open terrace, balcony expose whole body in early morning sunlight just after sunrise.. For 20-25 minutes daily. Early sunlight help your body to release sleep hormones such as melatonine, serotinine, dopamine!

(2) Also expose your body to noon sunlight for 20-25 minutes every alternate day.. You will get natural vitamin D which is highly effective to combat your condition.

(3) Take a lot of leafy green vegetables, varieties of coloured vegetables and fruits,Dal/ pulses, whole grains which are great source of Magnesium, calcium, iron apart from a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals.

(4) your bed room should be clean...no clutter around...No electronic gadgets, no TV in the bed room.

Household Things which are lying unused fur last couple of years... Remove, donate someone who can use it. Or throw away, clear clutter... Clutter in house is clutter in mind.

Keep your bedroom dark after 7 PM. Put curtains in windows. No TV news after 3PM.

(5) Dont go to bed in order to sleep and don't lie down on your bed, if you don't get sleep for 15-20 minutes. Get up, go to another room or drawing room and engage yourself in reading a good book. Read, read until you feel sleepy.. Then go to bed only after you feel sleepy...

The idea is to avoid a situation where you get habituated with this chronic condition and Your mind should not get associated with sleeplessness on bed.

(6) do some meditation in evening time... Meditation in twin heart, BK meditation by sister shivani ...this will help reduce your cortisol level which perhaps keeps you awake.

(7) Listen to positive affirmations - a lot available in you tube.

My relative completely recovered with in 2 months after following the above advice. . And now he has 8 hours sound sleep with no anxiety what so ever.

(8) the most important one is keep yourself engaged through out the whole day by different activities which require standing, manual work which will make you tired.... So your body will make you to sleep.... Activities, are many..... Watering plants in balcony, clean your cupboard, cook your own food, cut vegetables, arrange your books, clean your wardrobe...clean your home, clean your toilet, clean your clothes, iron your clothes, clean your windows.. Some of these are daily chores... If nothing.... Stand up and walk in side your own home, listen to music, positive affirmations through headphones. Keep some dumb bells and a resistance band for stretching... Idea is make your body tired enough to invite sleep and rest the moment you lie down on your bed.

(9) Eat light food in the evening.... You Should not overeat. and keep a 3 hour gap between dinner and sleep.

If you need any further information , please do let me know ... Can send you some links which my relative had used.

May God bless you and wish you a quick recovery.

Thanks and I will try to follow your instructions to maintain good healthy life. Hope it works.

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Have you tested your Iron panel blood ferritin level? Vitamin d and b12 level?

Also please tryout the other "sleep hygiene" as mentioned.

If you are getting a relief in Ayurvedic / herbal, please continue.. or else please don't waste your time.

Ayurvedic / herbal treatment is based upon hearsay and not on scientific basis.

Dear Sir,

All else is window dressing until you grasp that you are eating and drinking too much carbohydrate. Only when blood glucose is below 80 do you require more. When you get used to that, your level after meals won't need to be so high, and then you can negotiate with your health professionals to use less medication, as lowering insulin levels is at least as important as managing blood glucose for long-term health.

God bless you.

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