I've just read an article on the importance of B vitamins and cognitive decline:

Which led me to an article in the Mail Online:

The flag up for me and it's relevance to this forum was the following, taken from the above:

"The diabetes drug metformin also reduces B12 absorption by 30 per cent, according to a trial published in the BMJ this summer".

Now, for me as an omnivore, a reduction in B12 opf 30% would alarm me greatly, but for a vegetarian or vegan would be an unmitigated disaster, as the only reliable source (I emphasise reliable) is from animal foods.

The take home? If you are on Metformin then supplementation of B12 could be advisable and if vegan essential.

As usual, do your own research and make your own mind up - this should not be considered medical advice.


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5 Replies

  • Hi Mike,

    My recent blood report : B12 1911( Normal 211-911)

    What does it means . How can it be brought to normal .

    I shall be thankful if you can guide me. My email address is

    Ramesh Rao

  • Sorry ramesharo, I am no expert on the subject but it appears that the range is very wide. Having said that high levels can possibly indicate an underlying cause which you should discuss with your doctor.

  • Thanks sir

  • You're very welcome.

  • you are absolutely right.many of the T2dm DOES NOT KNOW MUCH ABOUT WHAT IS VITAMIN. LEAVE ALONE THE VARIOUS TYPES.

    IN my case 18 yrs back started with ayurvedic medicine and and continued for three years in vain. then allopathy started and metformin is being consumed for the past 8 yrs .now at 60 and am facing the vision problem not becuase of age but due to metformin, so now I am seperately taking B12 for this.

    Any other medicine other than metformin which can b safe and effective can b suggested any member will b a welcome act.


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