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complications of metformin

Iam a diabetic and also hypothyrodism since last 2 years. my thydoid is contolled and also sugar level.My HBA1C is 6.for sugar iam advised METFORMIN 500 mg BD.But iam loosing weight regularly.Now, instead of taking 2nd dose of Metformine 500 mg i have started taking Vildagluptin 50 mg at bedtime. Will this solve the Complications caused by Metformin. Secondly, being hypothyrodism why am i lean and thin? pls. advice.

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Dear, loosing weight is beneficial. You should go back to metformin twice a day. Lower weight will lead to better control of diabetes and complications. With metformin there is no risk of hypoglycemia which is better. It's possible to reverse diabetes at this stage. Read Dr Niel Bernard's Reversing Diabetes.


I heard but not sure if you drop ur weight right down and continue in ur diet and exercise the doctors will stop ur medication. Cause of you weight is right according to ur IBM that means ur heart is healthy. So no needs for medication but been a diabetes I think n has to be monitored if the doctor stop the meds


Better than BMI is the concept of Waist to Hip ratio which indicates central obesity. BMI may be normal in some but W/H ratio may not be Normal indicating a risk..

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What is ideal value of this ratio?

My waist is 42 cm and Hip is 40 cm.

Is it OK or not?


Ideal for men us below 85. Your ratio is high indicating that the waist is bigger than the hip which is detrimental


Better stop taking Metformin causing weight loss ,instead start taking Insulin Injection after consulting Dr. which will help you control sugar with gaining weght lossed due to Metformin ,which results weight loss & only suitable for the patients heaving excessive weight & who would like to reduce their weight .


Hello, Your HbA1c value is normal and it means Metformin is working at the dosage of 500mg where the upper limit goes up to 2000 mg/day before switching to insulin, however the loss in weight needs to be measured and if it is through muscle's being eaten away , then you should consult a specialist in addition to replenishing more proteins and work on 1.5 to 2 gm/ kg body weight, subject to BMI is withing normal limits.


First off, you have to consider that what you say about weight loss is a natural side effect of Metformin which in some people may be worse than others. The side effects of Metformin are several and not only weight loss but you must know that all medications have side effects and not only Metformin. There are several things which you must do as a diabetic and one of them is to follow a good diet free of sugars, salt, and cholesterol; not only that but ingest between 40 and 60 Grams of fiber daily. The best diet is the Alkaline Diet which is full of vegetables and forget about a lot of foods which are acidic. Diabetes affects every organ in the human body and hence you must control it very carefully with the help of a Glucose Meter and taking into account that all diabetic people are subject to the Somogyi Effect and the Dawn Effect by which people have high glucose first thing in the morning.

Regarding the medication Vildagluptin 50 these are the side effects you have to be concerned with:

Important side effects to consider

The most common side effects of vildagliptin are

headache and cold-like symptoms.

Some rare but serious side effects can occur with

vildagliptin, such as:

• allergic reactions

• pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas that

can result in severe, long-lasting abdominal pain).

Allergic reactions are rare, but you should seek medical

attention if you have any swelling of the face, mouth,

tongue or throat.

Pancreatitis has developed in a few people after starting

vildagliptin. But it’s not known for sure if vildagliptin

caused the pancreatitis.

Vildagliptin has been tested in clinical trials, but it is a new

medicine, so the full range of side effects is not yet known.

You should be aware of this and talk to your doctor if you

have any concerns.

From the above side effects, pancreatitis is the worse of all something you will not get with Metformin. I rather loose weight that to develop pancreatitis; hence I would not even try vildagliptin. Also keep in mind that being vildagliptin a new medicine for diabetes, the side effects might not be fully studied as side effects get to be known as people use it and develop them.

Metforming is a safe medication for diabetes because it has been used since the early 1940s, although the medication was discovered in 1920 by a French physician. I have been on Metformin for 14 years and I cannot complain about it but I also take Glipizide 5 mg together with it daily as Metformin works with the Liver (Producer of Glucose) and Glipizide with the Pancreas (producer of Insulin).

The control of diabetes comes with time and lots of work along with a healthy diet but as I mentioned above: you must follow the alkaline diet and forget about acidic foods; and don't forget the fiber.

Good luck and stay well.

Good source: nps.org.au/__data/assets/pd...


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