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I am new here.I am here for help for my husband.he is 34 and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels 5 months ago.I don't know anything about how to control his food.we are using less oil n low carb food too.but i have no idea if i am doing it right.he has been working out all his life.he's on medication now which is messing up he stomach big time.can some one help me....I got a lil idea abt lchf but what abt high cholestrol,how can he have high fat with high cholesterol levels.pls explain,pls be patient,we r new to this whole concept.

I'm giving below his latest report values.

Hba1c 7.1

Abg 157

Hdl 28

Ldl 156

Triglycerides 251

Fasting plasma glucose 115

Post lunch 198

Though I don't have an idea what these mean I am posting so that someone helps me understand.all I know is its not good.

This condition is affecting him big time,he has lost interest in food n exercise and is upset all the time.he doesn't like taking medication and its upsetting his stomach

Pls help so we have a better life for our kids.....



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He doesn't smoke or booze.he takes methi water on empty stomach n raw lime juice cz someone told him its good to lower cholesterol.I'm not sure if anything will work


The first thing to accept is that cholesterol is a non issue when compared to the mess your husband is in at present. Indeed fear of cholesterol is probably got him to where he is now. There is not a jot of scientific evidence that high cholesterol levels are of any concern, indeed the converse is true in that Alzheimer's is now being viewed as LACK of cholesterol in the brain for the poor old souls who have stopped eating butter etc.

Go here and get him living again:



Thank you sir!


Madam: Don't worry. LCHF will work and in few months diabetes, lipids and hypertension will get resolved.

Breakfast: Salad + one roti with ample ghee+ 2 tablespoons virgin coconut oli+ 1-2 cubes of cheese + 2 eggs if you take eggs+ some moong sprouts.

Also 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar (with mother variety) before food will help slow down absorption of carbohydrates.

Mid meals some nuts and seeds like walnut, badam, sunflower seeds, punkin seeds.

Lunch one chappati with ghee and veg.

Eve one small apple.

Night one small chappati and veg.

Use less oil as all oils (Excp coconut oil and olive oil) are junk oils.

Keep giving apple cider vinegar before breakfast and dinner.

Before bedtime half cup hot milk with a tsp of turmeric + 1/2 or one tsp of cow ghee.

Above will get his hba1c to around 5.5 or lower.

Can have raw juice of karela + Amla every morning.

Prepare diabetes powder at home with methi seeds+jamun powder + a pince of cinnamon.

Also can give him aloe Vera juice in morning with karela Amla juice.

Have these daily.

Increase fat like butter, ghee, VCO where possible.

All will get resolved.

I my self take a above.

My hba1c came down from 7.2 to 5.4 in 3 montsh time.

All the best.


Thank you sir for your kind response.we have stopped taking ghee and other fatty products including red meat.he doesn't like taking anything which says fat.I use olive oil for him.I will surely try the diabetes powder n other meal plans.thank you for your effort once agn.its like a ray of hope!

Mrs s.


I will try the lchf diet anupji....m from south India.will gather as much info n implement.my hubby likes to eat rice m hates rotis butnow hhe's starving himself eating neither properly.he has lost lot of weight and gets tired very easily which was not the case before! Hope lchf works for him....but first I HV make him eat fatty food which will b tough.

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Question: can we stop medication completely once on lchf diet?



The powder suggested works best with LCHF

If he takes high carbs then his doses will keep increasing gradually.

Please remember that the diet of lchf is the best for getting quick and sustained lowering effects.

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If he likes rice then better give him brown rice.

Stop white rice. But limit the qty of brown rice.

Prepare dal kichidi with less brown rice and more of moong ot sprouted moong. Add ample qty of ghee in this.

He may like it.

Prepare lots of vegs like bhindi, tendli, etc which he can have as much as he wants.

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Can he have coconut and red meat? Is deep fried food OK once in a while.sorry for being so lame!


Can give fired in coconut oil


Can give him coconut freely.


Coconut is sweet so we r avoiding it.I also read somewhere using sugarfree tablets is not good.any idea? I currently use them for his tea,coffee n milk intakes.


I have gone through few of ur links abt south Indian food.I got an idea now.shouldn't we avoid sugar n sweets completely?


Don't worry. I have dropped My HbA1c from 11.7 to 5.7 within 3.5 months with help of LCHF diet. Switch to LCHF diet.


Thank you everyone.I'm so glad I found this forum.this is so encouraging.I hope I will get him to normal with lchf diet.will post details soon!




Avoid coconut water. Can give ample cocount.

Also can give stevia drops which is safe.

Available online. Link below.



Don't worry swapnajakkula.. I am just 29 years old and got diabetes at the age of 27 !!! My readings were FBS 180, PPBS 320, HbA1c - 8.9, high BP, high cholesterol levels.. I controlled the blood sugar levels with the help of low carb diet.. And within 6 months I was able to stop all the medicines for Sugar and BP.. My recent HbA1c is < 5.5.. Though I am not following strict LCHF, but will soon adopt it..

You are in the correct forum.. There are many experieced people here which have benefited from LCHF... Anup, TN_Yadav one among them..


Thank you for the encouragement....pnglr


Dear Anup,

LCHF diet is followed by many world wide. Doctors in the West are also supporting LCHF. I watched many videos on youtube related to LCHF diet.

Yesterday, i was watching Dr. Rangan Chatterjee's Video on LCHF. He is suggesting to take as much as Vegetables one wants, the carbs in the vegetables are not considered bad, but they are good for gut bacteria.

But here we always count carbs including vegetable carbs and stay under 100 grams carbs per day. This point was a bit confusing for me.

Any suggestions Anup...and other members.


Thanks Anup,


@Anup - carrots, green peas not okay etal or can be taken in small quantity?


Anup I watched few videos of Dr. Rangan Chatterjee....!!!

No where he is suggesting to go with (Butter, Ghee, VCO, Full FAT cream, Cheese etc...). I really don't know why....?

Any suggestions Anup and others....

Below is his suggestions related to FAT...

When I say healthy, natural fat – think nuts and seeds, avocados, omega 3 fats (found in almonds, flax seed and cold water fish, like wild salmon, herring, mackerel and tuna), extra virgin olive oil and whole eggs.


For your quick information.. as example

100 grams of cabbage has 6 g carbs

100 grams of onions has 9 g carbs

100 grams of tomatoes has 4 g carbs

count carbs prepare vegetables, add Ghee, Paneer, full fat cream, butter, coconut and other FATS along with vegetables. one will not feel hungry for long hours..

I have seriously started LCHF Diet since yesterday (Maximum 100 gram Carbs daily)

I feel fantastic.

I am diabetic type 2, with no medicine and very little walking...

Good Luck

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Thanx a lot for info.


Quick question: how to calculate carbs from vegetables and other food sources?


One of my earlier post will help you -



easy way is to search on google.


Thank you the encouragement everyone! Discussed with my hubby yesterday who is more than ready to start LCHF diet right now.( see our desperation)....to get back to normal life! I have a of learning to do about carbs,protein and fat and plan his meals accordingly.going thru lot of stuff right now.

I am happy to have found this forum.Hope we will get back to normal in a few months.any ideas are welcome!



LCHF also helps in fatty liver


In vegetables there are so many varieties one can use ,such as broccoli,Kerala,Peanuts,Met hi,etc.etc.,these are also hear healthy. Potatoes, banana to be avoided completely.


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