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Stopped giveing karela everyday


I was giveing karela sabji everyday to my husband.. but i hav stopped that after 2 weeks. I read on net that it makes live.r cells tough. So now i hav decided to give after every 3 days. Also now his sugar after food is around 120 to 130 after 2 hrs.and most times i even found it to b around 100 and 115.

Does anyone know about diab powder ..its to be given before meals 10 mins one teaspoonful in water. M giveing that for a week now and it seems to b working. Also v go for regular walk 30 to 45 mins from 5 30pm to 6 30 pm. Pls tel if everything i m doing is correct..

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Ridiculous. You're risking his health by faffing about. Controlling his carbohydrate intake will control his blood glucose levels.


Yes m working on it..i have reduced rice and increased vegetables.i drain and wash rice while cooking. Just want to know if having bitter gourd every day is harmful or no.

No meds used.

Diab powder before meals 10 mins... methi and karela sabji after every 3 or 4 days and ladies finger water everyday in morning. Fasting blood sugar has come from 170 to 126. Regular walk for 30 or 45 mins in evening. Give flaxseed powder 1 spoon everyday.

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Type 2s often produce more than normal levels of insulin already, so even if the diabetes powder works it may cause long term harm; hyperinsulinaemia is a greater risk to health than hyperglycaemia.

You may be able to have some bitter gourd, however your fasting blood glucose shows your portions of carbohydrate are still too large; if you're hungry eat a little more natural fat instead.

Washing and draining rice won't make a dramatic difference unless it enforces the restriction of your portion size, because the carbohydrate will be retained within the grains.

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Hi. Prepare diab powder at home. Grind some methi seeds, purchase some jamun powder. Add a pinch of cinnamon. Half tea spoon of methi powder, one tea spoon of jamun powder and a small pinch of cinnamon powder. Give this in a glass of water half hour before meals. Prepare methi powder and cinnamon at home. Purchase pure jamun powder. It's available online. Give this before meals. Excellent for control. Also low carb is the best for diabetes LCHF diet + above will give good results.

Don't purchase any diabetic powder from any shop as it may do harm.

Karela + Amla juice can be given in morning daily safely. Just one piece each. But karela is laxative. So expect motions for next 2 hours. These are the best home remedies.

Best to avoid rice or at the best give him brown rice.

More salads, vegs, cheese, virgin coconut oil,

Has to be more fat, moderate protien and less carbohydrates. All the best.


Thanks for information


Use Kerala sabji with pulses,(unbroken moongi ki Dal), cured one day old and Diabetic powder prepared at home as explained above by the learned blogger,with less carbs intake and sufficient fat.


U r doing rightly that walk is helping .what about medicines.which medicines arevbeing taken.Any insulin being used?


No meds.. Yesterday checked after lunch after little rice and dal n sabji.. No karela.. Just before lunch diab powder. After 1 n half hr it was 150 n after 2 n half hr it was 115. So is this normal.? Hav got this type of reading consistently this week checking every alternate days. So is this healthy? Also i giv one egg omlet n 2 chapati everyday for breakfast made in extra v olive oil or sunflower oil.

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absolutely right..one more thing u can do is...

Wheat should be soaked one night in the decoction of THRIPHALA POWDER, clean and dry and make use of it regularly.....if u like more about pls visit drthambaan.com....

Thank u


Olive oil. Don't use it for cooking.

Use very little of rice bran oil or best yet use virgin coconut oil for all frying.


Congratulations. Good control


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