Karela Juice not working for me :(

I have Type 2 diabetes, and I have been taking Karela Juice for more than a 6 weeks now. However there is no improvement in my fasting glucose it hovers around 162-165. Now I have started taking Methi dana soaked in water overnight and consuming the water and chew dana first thing in the morning. Will Methi dana help in controlling my Diabetes?


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  • These juices and jamun powders are useless. Even methi dana will not help as much as you would want it to.

    Switch to Low Carb High fat Diet. Search LCHF on forum.

    If you stick to the so called healthy diabetic diet of ADA then please be prepared for insulin shots some day. ADA diet is killing type 2 diabetics by forcing them to drug centric life.

  • Thanks Medfree!! I read a few of your posts here, I am pretty impressed. I was wondering about the 33+ months of following the LCHF by you brought the LIPID results (as shared by you in one of your recent posts) or is it that you took the tests after 33 months? also I tried looking for vegetarian LCHF diets, but alas could not find any, can you help me with it?

  • I have 3 reports from the day of being Dx'd as a diabetic in early 2011. I have posted few days of veg meal with 110 min PPBS numbers also last month.

  • For high BS like yours. karela juice or any other supplement is not going to help much. Best way is diet control (LCHF) and drugs if required. If karela hasn't helped then don't try methi.

  • I have D -type 2 . I had karela juice for more than year, It did not bring down my BS levels.

  • Only Karela can not give result,follow these things

    1.Take food without rice , pototo and no sweat fruits

    2.Do regular excercise minimum 30 minutes morning and evening.

    3.take medicins prescribed by doctor regularly.

  • u r right because i have taken korala jamun juice but my sugar limit increase upto 170 of fasting and 260 of PP.Again i am taking tablets regular twice and my sugar limit under control

  • Karela did not work for me. Lowering carbohydrate intake did help. I have no faith in jamun or karela...

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