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a long time insulin dependent diabetic, i hv never had a bp issue before. For the past 2-3days i was feeling nausea and feverish. I thought it was because of excessive heat. Just 10 min ago i measured my bp (after afew weeks) it turned out to b 93/166.

Plz suggest if i need to c a doc / hav med immediately or i cn wait till morning? Also is their a home remedy tht i can try right now? Thanx

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  • Hi kukkoo, did you mean your bp was 166/93? That would make more sense than what you said. It's quite high and you could ring 111 for advice. That would reassure you. JanR 

  • Are you stressed....generally anxiety raises bp. If yes...find ways to reduce anxiety...

    Otherwise home remedies : fenugreek seeds , ACV... Accupressure works well for bp :


    Press on the top of ring finger of both hands for 5-5 mins. It gives relieve in high bp.



  • I m sorry if I gave wrong info. I assumed you are living in England,  where we can ring an emergency number. But of course, you may well not be resident here. 😟

  • no issues. Thanks for your concern. I am in India.

  • Where in India. I stay in Bangalore

  • What's your age ? 

  • Thank you all for your generous tips. I m sorry I didn't give much info about myself as I was obviously not in the right frame of mind. I did see the doctor this morning. He measured it and it was 139/86 in the morning. today evening it was 142/88.

    I m 46 and hav had a badly controlled diabetes for quite long before turning to insuln. even now sometimes it goes high but i am able to manage it. from 10.6, a couple of years back, my sugar levels are around and under 7.

  • Please see a doctor immediately. 

  • You may take Telma 20 or 40 , it helps to protect 'end  damage' of organs like 'Retina' , 'Kidney' etc. for diabetics. Check pressure at regular interval

  • Stresscom tablets twice a day... 

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