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Looking for a Solution to T2?

This is a post I’ve had on the back burner for a while. I’ve been commenting and posting for a while and attempting to get a flavour of how people here consider type 2 (T2) diabetes and what to do about it.

The general consensus worldwide from the medical community is that T2 is an incurable and progressive disease. Medication is prescribed, often Metformin to start with and when that fails increasing doses of insulin are used to hammer blood sugar into the tissues as fat.

But what if there was another way? What if you could actually cure T2 even if you’ve been on insulin for 20 years?

How would that work?

Well one way that has surfaced recently is to have bariatric surgery. In most cases patients who stick to post operative regimes (and don’t cheat by liquidising junk foods and drink liquid sugar) are amazed that their condition has disappeared. How can that be when we are told that T2’s have burned out their pancreatic beta cells? The only conclusion you can come to is that the pancreas has somehow come back to life and is once again is carrying out it’s natural function.

‘Wow! It’s bariatric surgery for me!’ I might hear you say, but hold up. Look at the bigger picture. You will undergoing a procedure that kills a percentage of patients undergoing it and eating normally will be a thing of the past; more than an eggcup full and you will be vomiting. What kind of a life is that?

Well fortunately there is an alternative, and all it requires is to stop doing what is causing the condition. After all, if you keep on doing what you are doing you will keep on getting what you’ve got.

If you’ve been banging your head on a wall one solution would be to remove the wall, the other would be just simply to stop. Another is to look around for a miracle cure that would enable you to carry on with the lifestyle you enjoy and don’t want to change. Well good luck with that!

OK, assuming your interest has been piqued what do you do next? Well first of all you should consider this a call to arms that will lead you down a long road of your own research. Don’t take what I offer as definitive. Examine the evidence, do the work; after all I might be someone with an agenda other than altruism. Challenge what I say and offer a rebuttal if you find the evidence.

With that caveat out of the way.

Here’s what you do:

Stop eating anything that sends your blood sugar into the stratosphere and stop looking for miracle cures or the latest herb or 'alternative medicine'. This includes sugar, bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and anything heavily processed. Replace those with natural fats such as butter, cheese, coconut oil, olive oil etc. Make the bulk of your diet the fats we have been told will kill our hearts. Cook your food from raw ingredients! Let’s face it, we’ve been following the dietary guidelines since 1977 and things are worse, much worse and will bankrupt out healthcare systems unless addressed. If you include a fasting regime, of which there are many examples, then you will be on the road to restoring your health and avoiding the dreadful consequences of untreated T2. i.e. follow a LCHF/fasting lifestyle.

Right, where do you got to start your research? Before I point you to there let me say I have been studying the subject of diet and heath for at least 6 years and have done a massive amount of research, but for the biggest bang for my buck I haven’t seen anything to match Dr.Jason Fung.

He has put out a massive amount of information, both in this blog and video lectures on youTube. I would urge you to read every word he has written and listen to every word in his videos.

His blog started here:


I would urge you to work your way through and watch his videos, along with subscribing of course.

In finishing let me assure you that I have no affiliation whatsoever with Dr. Fung and could easily have pointed you to Tim Noakes or any other luminaries I respect:


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Good insights.

It talks about ZERO wheat / grains / rice ! That's perhaps a tough challenge for Indians. But it surely control diabetes, no doubt about it !

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You pays your money and makes your choice.

It's a matter of attitude, illustrated by George Burns:

'Old age isn't so bad when you look at the alternative.'

If you have the information that provides the solution and you don't act on it, then you prefer to have T2 diabetes!

Brutal, but true.


What would you recommend for high blood pressure. On meds but want to come off them. Have been doing low carb


You got it Anup!


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