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No more finger pricks. Breath analyser to indicate Blood glucose level!

Good news for all diabetes both T1 and T2. This is a dream come true if you are able to detect your blood sugar by a breath analyser.

No more finger pricking, no CGM , no more Dexcom.

We will eagerly await for its commercial production and it's affordability. Hope it should be affordable since it is just a breathe analyser which would detect Acetone. It is something like an alcohol breathe analyser which is used by the traffic police for vehicle drivers to detect if he is drunk. Such a breathe analyser is also used at the airport to screen pilots before they are allowed to pilot an aircraft.


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Great news. Let us hope that it will be affordable.

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Please check your private messages. I sent a message right now. It's okay! :-)


It will be boon to debetics community & help improving the compliance of self check of glucose level.


Let us hope it would become a real hope with out falling in to hands of greedy manufacturers.


Good news awaiting eagerly


I heard it long back that someone from Kolkata invented this ... don't know why it didn't appeared


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