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Have we been fighting the wrong demons?

I have to thank another long time member of HealthUnlocked (concerned) for drawing my attention to this paper.

It is 22 pages long, but the relevant information is contained in the first 12 - the rest being references.

Since 1977 we, as a global society have been the subject of the biggest experiment in global history, an experiment that has been an utter disaster. Conclusions and recommendations as to the cause and remedy of burgeoning heart disease were put to the public on, if I'm charitable, flawed science. This has had appalling consequences. If saturated fat were the cause, then surely we would be out of the maze by now? Far from it, for has heart disease has not been conquered, and hand in hand has risen the other spectres that haunt us; diabetes, Alzheimer's, dementia, stroke, kidney failure, cancer etc. Yet there cannot be many living in a modern society who are not aware that saturated fat will kill you and a diet based on (mainly) processed carbohydrate will save you. That is the advice you are likely to receive from you doctor when you, trudging away from the surgery with a prescription, and in all likelihood will have scolded you for non compliance.

The definition of madness is repeating the same action over and over again expecting a different result.

Anyway, have a read, it might just save your life:


NB The paper is 22 pages long, but don't panic - the relevant information is in the first 12 - the rest being references. There is a lot of science there, but if that is not your bent, then skim through and take in the 'bottom line', conclusions, and bold type.


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