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I found this site :

If we see france and South korea are having least cases of CHD. I know about South korea...they eat very less grains and almost no sweet everyday. Their diet mostly consists of animal fat like pork, beef, chicken and sea food and may be a small bowl of rice. You can hardly find any vegetarian dish in market.Average 60 year old here is so active and energetic and almost free from diseases (accept liver problems due to very high consumption of alcohol).If we closely watch their diet that resembles to LCHF and so for japan...they also have a lot of fermented vegetables , seafood almost no grains . May be good intake of vitmain D and B12 through seafood can also be cause.But you can feel the vibrant health by seeing them running around always.Here you can easily spot healthy and very active people in their 70's and 80's.For France also :

In France also the diet has more saturated fat. Even after being a vegeterian nation India is colored in red.

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  • Yes, my friend and batch-mate had been to S Korea, as a diabetic himself. He told me the same fact that you have noted. Grains like wheat, rice and its derivatives are biggest culprit. After this he was convinced about LCHF diet as a way to manage diabetes :)

  • But what are the options for vegetarian diabetics??

  • The friend that I talked is surname "Mishra", a Brahmin

    Lot of options available. Check my profile for link to forum on LCHF for Indian diabetics:

    It's a MYTH that LCHF means Non Vegetarian.

    shrimarth, arunkumar are two vegetarian diabetics on LCHF that I know of on this forum. There could be many more.

  • For country like India LCHF is a little bit different as not many fat options and so is the protein. I wonder how can we get 60 gms of protein being a vegetarian?

  • Have you looked at nuts, curd, paneer, cheese, daal, sprouts, sproits mixed with sprouted peanuts?

    100 grams each of nuts (mix of peanuts+almonds+walnuts) and 100 grams paneer gets you close to 40 grams. Then, add curd, cheese, some nutri nuggets in vegetable preparations, daal and you can easily hit 60, may be more. Not difficult. All it needs is learn counting, fix menu.

  • Thanks a lot for kicking off interesting post nd valuable inputs sir. Went through ur website and its something noble one can give back to society. Will start working my diet. To start i vl make one meal lchf nd slowly proceed to all. Vl comeback and update on forum once i have tried for few weeks. Thnks

  • For yr neuropathy, start with 600mg Alpha Lipoic Acid if you are not suffering from Hypothyroid conditions. Then scale it down to 300mg and continue lifelong :)

  • Sir, my doc had given me lupikrill capsules. These are high in dha and epa. I also eat flaxseed dry chutney powder as well add chia in shakes though not regularly. I also eat 2 to 3 walnuts. I checked these have ALA. Are these enough for ALA or a supplement required


  • You are talking about Alpha-Linolenic Acid - omega 3 fatty acid. It is not Alpha Lipoic Acid.

    ALA from flaxseeds is inefficiently converted to EPA and DHA.

  • Hi Anup,

    How to sprout peanuts?

  • Much in the same way as lentils. You can even have soaked-for-24 hrs peanuts

  • Thanks:):)

  • Seen,please post data of CKD in respect of all countries,why only CHD?.wHAT IS THE EFFECT OF HIGH FATE CONSUMED ON KIDNIES AND RENAL SYSYTEM?

  • High Fat on High Carb is double whammy.

    High fat on Low carb, world is still trying to prove that it is bad. Haven't succeeded in 5 decades so far and they won't succeed either even in next 100 years.

    Fat metabolism as a result of LOW glucose on LCHF produces Ketones. They don't DAMAGE kidneys for sure. I know of a diabetic with impaired kidney on LCHF for over 3 years now whois creatinine dropped from 2.1 to 1.7. Nutritional Ketosis is a great state for body to be in :)

    CARBS kill and not FAT. Bcause TG is fat in blood and TG is elevated by CARBS and not FAT. TG falls like a rock on LOW CARB HIGH FAT Diet. LIPIDS improve and people go off statins too :)

  • In the same site you can see the chart for different other diseases for all the countries...but I can tell you Japanese and korean are never in red list ..may be for liver diseases they can be in red...the life expectancy of Japanese and koreans are much more higher than other countries...I am not advocating LCHF...may be these countries consume a lot of sea-food and their activity levels can also be the key to their health...Everyone in Korea is always running...even for normal chores...they are very social and everyone in family and friends eat in same plate...very less stress in society...very honest people...very less crime ...You can easily spot small children coming back home from school by their own...everything contributes to good health...not only diet :)

    And you know how much stress is there in india either social or individal. You can not imagine in India now a days that you kid is coming back from school on his own...all is stress

  • Sir, kindly help me by posting your diet plan so that i can workout mine. I am 48 year old with 500mg metaformin twice daily since 2 months. My hba1c was 5.9 while fbs and ppbs where 128 and 160. I was on lifestyle change since last 4 years without meds. I am active person vth swimming, walking doing housework and no classic diabetic symptoms. It was the creepy right leg pain since 1 year (neuropathy) that became worse day by day and so medicines started. Leg pain completely reversed 1 month after meds. But i feel scared that after some time i vl start seeing side effects of meds. You can mail me to thanks nd 👍 for the forum that helps to reach.

  • Thanks a lot sir. I am collecting from others also. I will take these inputs, tweak and workout my diet. May be i vl add a breakfast. Do you use sugarfree in tea / cofee or just plain. Thanks again.

  • There are around 200 meals posted on

    Select, modify, test and freeze yr weekly menu.

  • Yes sir. I looked into some meal plans. Very valuable info. Also as i keep working i.e i swim, walk. Even if i am not doing them, i vl be doing housework, clean ndcscrub bathrooms, bath dog, walk him. As i am freelancing trainer, vn i go for work, i am standing nd speaking from 9 30 to 6. Considering my energy demand , i need to tailor my food. As of now i have started reducing my carbs and increasing protien nd fat. I am still not used to testing my blood sugars on daily basis. I get it tested in lab once in 3 months. Will make up my mind, get the testing strips nd start working on my diet. Thanks a lot.

  • Shri Arun Kumar

    I am also vegetarian I am finding it difficult to follow lchf diet. It will be great help if you share your complete diet since morning to night

    Thanks and regards


  • In this forum it was said that person consuming high fat cannot eat high carbs diet in combination,then why this contradiction? Net shell result is high fat diet is equally bad as high carbs diet. We have to see effect on all body organs and not simple CHD alone,

  • Unity is strength:):) lets explore more about our diet from experience of people around the world...May be some day we discover a new diet plan which is neither of any extreme:):)Key is : we have to go ahead

  • Any diet that forces one to eat more carbs than liver can store as GLYCOGEN is HORRIBLE and the main reason for all the health problems globally. Liver's storage capacity is 120 grams glycogen max. That's why we talk of restricting carbs to 100 grams/day.

    Forget about sedentary, even marathon runners on HIGH CARB diet have turned diabetic. So all talk about sedentary life is also crap. You can only burn 60% Carbs diet if u walk 20 km/day. For others, it has to be drugs, drugs and drugs.

  • For any diet if you are not exercising enough ...body will start showing up problems now or later. Here we are not alone talking about diet , its overall management of body for a diabetic.Our bodies are made to work hard...remember what dawn phenomena morning increase in BS to prepare body for hunting...we really have to work hard physically to keep our body fit in long term ...thats the way human body is evolved...every animal/bird/ works hard to get the food. So one can not ignore the importance of physical work ...whatever the diet is:):) If you don't drive a car for long time...whatever best fuel you use in is going to show problems:):)

  • Agreed with a big BUT. And here's the BUT:

    In layman terms:

    High Carb Low fat diet comes with inherent "Ugly Feature" of pushing one to "Overeat" because of hunger pangs. Same doesn't happen on LCHF diet as it is satiating.

    So, you can consume 200 grams of Good Day biscuits and still feel hungry within half and hour. Try it :)

    Consume 3 eggs omlete (or even a dish made from 100 grams nuts) in breakfast and I am sure you won't even feel like having a chapati loaded lunch. In fact many of us comfortably skip a meal w/o any effort.

    On LCHF, body's BMR is up and Dr Peter Attia has proved it through all number crunching. Logically if body has to work harder to digest it means BMR will be up, which in effect means we have to work less physically than what HCLF dieters will have to :)

    Adnan Sami (Pakistani singer who became Indian citizen recenmtly) lost weight from 230kg to 70kg by removing all grains and switching to high protein diet -- more on Atkins diet. I am sure at 230 kg weight he couldn't even have walked -- given the fact that he used to sleep in sitting posture as all the flab used to put pressure on his lungs. No, he did not opt for Bariatric surgery.

  • Because 4(C+P) +9F = total energy intake.

    We on LCHF cut down carbs and increase FAT. So, if we cut down CARBS by 100 grams we just need to increase good fat by 44 grams good fat. So less volume to stretch the stomach. We don't like eating 8-10 times a day :)

    We see our medical reports very frequently so know that it is not impacting health. In a month I will be completing 5 years as a diabetic on ZERO drugs. Isn't that wonderful? I am not alone. Huge number of diabetics will ratify what I say. LIPIDS improved (again contrary to common OPINION) on LCHF for majority ... so much so that many have gone off dangerous STATINS :)

    NO LCHF is not bad. SHOW SOME PROOF PLEASE. We have had only OPINIONS against LCHF so far. I have posted many studies, contrary to the usually held OPINION which is a result of DECADES of Brainwashing with a LIE based on a FUDGED study by Ancel Keys.

    Now, there's a registered doctor on my forum who is handling TYPE 1 of her 10 year old daughter on the basis of what Dr Richard Bernstein talks. In less than a week her insulin dose is down to 1/3rd of what it was on STUPID High Carb Low fat nonsensical diet.

  • There is no harm in trying for 3 months . In 3 months High fat can never damage the system more worse than what high carb and hence high BS can do in comparison. So worth a try!!!

    You can follow / un follow it later basis your test reports.

  • agree...i am trying...its hard to say no to grains:):) and eat a lot of fat...we are programmed from our childhood to eat a lot of grains and less it will take time to reset:):)

  • 20% Carbs leaves a lot of room to have grains for "taste" and not for filling :) :)

    Yes, reset will take time -- that's what "adaptation" is. We put the adaptation time to 3 weeks - 1 week/meal so that "change" doesn't come as a shock, but moves in changes of 1 meal a week. Once settled, you can cheat once in a while even without overshooting on readings to alarming levels.

    Adaptation time on a ketogenic diet is still longer, but none of us follow ketogenic diet AFAIK.

  • I too am a newly diagnosed diabetic and sailing in the same boat.

    Not yet reached to the perfect LCHF Diet in gms but even halfway, my readings are better and energy levels are high.

    Surf forums outside of India and you will find more and more people talking about low carbs. That obviously mean high fat to fulfill energy requirement of the body.

    Anup named it completely as LCHF with a dedicated forum.

    On numbers I haven't seen more people getting medicine free from any other diet but LCHF.

  • hmm...aim for good readings...dont get off the medicine , as diabetes is there in your since some time and harmed it if you want to recover fully have to reverse the side effects too...I would suggest go for ayurvedic medicine and Yoga to heal the body further. Skin near to my ankles went brown due to undetected diabetes and even after taking aloopathic medicines ...and having having good control on BS it never vanished ..before i started ayurvedic medicine and started it is all gone...The skin is now same as other parts of foot.I am aiming to switch to ayurvedic medicine and take the minimum dose of it to get the effect of Diabetes reversed

    Ayurvedic medicine are just like spices we take daily ..nothing made artificially...all it does not have side effect ...just as if you take tulsi wont give you any side effect.

  • I don't have belief on ayurveda or Homeo.

    It has never worked on me.

    Diabetes is all about diet and I firmly believe that only a proper diet can control it.

  • I have firm believe in Yoga...I have seen it doing miracles many times for me ... I dont know about others...There is no doubt that right fuel is needed to drive a car...but without repairing and maintenance and daily proper care ...fuel will also not work too efficiently:):)

  • Agreed


  • I agree...Its not only government ...everybody has to become more honest towards their duties and country and their one day I was going through a video of natural farming methods...I came to know that Chiilies in NCR have 20 times more pesticides than allowed...and so do the Urea and artificial fertilizers. We and our children are just eating much more pestricides and Urea ...We can not put all the blame on government...I belong to village background and know about farming closely...I know many people just use pestricides and Urea like they are just careless about all the people who will be eating them...Its sad to see all these happening...somehow we have to take the responsibility as it is impacting us hugely

    I want to start organic farming for myself and my family:):) and some time back I seriously started looking for people who are interested in this:):)

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