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Is anyone trying AIMIL BGR 34


Hello all

Has anyone tried/trying Amil BGR 34, This is claimed to be an scientifically proven ayurvedic medicine that is Blood Glucose Regulator. You take two tablets half an hour before food twice a day. This is not a straight substitute for your existing medication. You continue with your allopathic medicine for some time. More details here

I have started the course and intend to continue for at least 6 months. I spoke to an ayurvedic Medic and he says at lest some of the ingredients are rare to find and effective.

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I started taking it some 10 days back. I am a newly diagnosed person. I take metformin 500 twice a day. I find good control of post prandial on taking both together. I am also in the process of reversing diabetes. I believe that this formulation has some difficult to get herbs. They help in both insulin resistance and insulin generation by acting on the beta cells. Worth taking for some time to boost the pancreas. Good that this formulation does not have heavy metal bhasmas unlike many available in market.

what is the right dosage

bnsb in reply to lucknow1969

Prescribed dosage is Two tabs each half an hour before food in the morning and at night.

klgksharma in reply to bnsb

Dosage prescribed in link given is 6 tablets, 2 on empty stomach, 2 before BF AND 2 before dinner

bnsb in reply to klgksharma

No sir it is two in the morning and two at night

vkkundi in reply to lucknow1969

2 tab twice daily

2 tablets twice a day, half an hour before meals or as directed by Physician.

you can also follow the official website where you can find dosage and get free medical consultancy on diabetes.

Rigtj dosage is 2 tabs twice a day empty stomach

It has come very recently and any efficacy can be known only after some time. Does it need consultation of a doctor for the dosage ?

I did consult, but not necessary if you read the description of the medicine. You have to continue your normal allopathic medicine. this one is not an immediate substitute. By the way the medicine has been released after 2 year extensive trials.

Negligible or none if you read the description "clinically and toxicological tested"

If you can put up with taste, please chew/grind the tablet in the mouth get it mix with saliva and then swallow. Tip from my doctor!

I took BGR-30 dosage for around 10 days and i hv suffered from gastioc disorders and sevre allergy.this medicine being allopathic is really hot for the body. I would recommend to check before using.

Bgr30 is a big no... Its side effect is gastric disorder adn severe allergy .

I had gastric problems earlier too and for me BGR has not been cause any problems.

I am using this medicine for my wife and it is showing very good results. Sugar level is almost normal since two months.

I tried BGR-30 for few days....not much change in sugar levels....Diabacon DS is tad better...

It is amazing medicine I am 22 years old.

I started this medicine 2 tablets twice a day around 10 days back.

After 4 days my sugar levels dropped from 240 to 110

I have reduced my insulin by 20% & cut down my tablets to 50%. The levels are still at 140-150

I am a chronic diabetic & have tried many many totkas. But all failed

Normally I don't comment on such things. But am doing it so that all diabetics can get a RELEIF.

I am very happy with this BGR 34.

Keep a good control on diet & all must try. My experience is fantastic. I have got the medicine for my near & dear ones.

Thanks AIMIL.

shrisamarthVolunteer in reply to arman_malik

You have inconsistency in your postings.

First you said that you are 52 years old and diabetic for 25 years. Now you say that you are 22 year old. :D :D :D

In your profile - replies -

bnsb in reply to shrisamarth

52 year old will feel 25 after taking BGR 34 regularly.

shrisamarthVolunteer in reply to bnsb

@arman_malik hasn't said so. :)

Manrock111 in reply to bnsb

bharat mata ki jai

Also now you can buy at 399 inr only at 

Ayurvedmart has decided to provide this product with lowest price at no profit only so that diabetic patients can be benefited

I am a diabetic patient, Can I take sweets with BGR-34?

ShashikantiyengarVolunteer in reply to aman_kumar

You can take as much sweets as u want. But be prepared for insulins and multiple drugs. Also be prepared for complications.

Diabetes Means our system has given up and cannot tolerate carbohydrates incl sugars.

so we have to accept this and for our own good need to control our diet. Reduce carbs, up the good fats and moderate protiens will do the trick.

My mother had a diabities for 5 years. we tried a BGR-34 it such a effectable medicine and such a cheap rate bgr got a best review from my side


One more from spammer group. :D

I have taken this tablet for over 6 months now. Now I can say with confidence that BGR 34 taken WITH alopathic medicines has worked wonders for me. Latest test results are as follows:

FBS 93 PPBS 128, HbA1c 6.4  

Total Cholesterol 201

HDL 40.0

LDL 137.7


HDL to LDL ratio 5:1

TGL 118

Near perfect except HbA1c. Would appreciate experience from others who are taking this medicine regularly

The link which you provided have complete details for bgr 34 tablet

Website : also we can buy with lowest price in that website and also prompt delivery

Thanks health unlocked for sharing the details and link

You buy with lowest price at inr 399 only from

Ayurvedmart is official seller for Aimil bgr 34 and all Ayurved products


If we look at the contents of BGR we will find its umbrella treatment for diabetes.

They have included almost all main herbs prescribed by Ayurveda for diabetes in this tablet.

Out of these ingredients fenugreek is proven herb.

About rest...I don't have idea....but will give try to Vijaysar soon.


200% true anupjee....

It is only LCHF which can tame this.....

However we need to find out what can kill this monster....

Do we have answer in Ayurveda??? or TCM?? or unani?? tissue salts??? Yoga??? what is that can kill this monster???

New castle??? let us try and find out.....

and let us share for benefit of members..

cureAdministrator in reply to cure

They said Vijaysar will help in reviving beta cells again....

I am going to give it try....

I know by fasting insulin....fasting blood sugar.....if my blood sugar goes down to normal with increased fasting insulin then I will say Vijaysar is helping.


ShashikantiyengarVolunteer in reply to cure

Issue is: the recent trend in T2DM is insulin resistance more than insulin production 

So all energy should go towards warding off resistance rather than production 

I believe 

cureAdministrator in reply to Shashikantiyengar

very rightly said.... Shashikantiyengar

however if we consider TG/HDL as marker for IR.... it is very hard to go further below than 1.75 with normal diet control. We need to take help of some external factor to go further down.

Even when it is well above 3 we were not diabetic....cause our beta cells were producing enough insulin....

therefore we need to fight on both levels....

A- Reduction in IR

B- increase indigenous insulin production( ofcoz not by squeezing already tired beta cells but by increasing beta cells/islets)

If we succeed in this ......our problem will be solved.

I guess solution to this is in reducing liver fat/fats in pancreas.

It is said that even if u lose 1 gm of fat from liver or pancreas....ur beta cells will start functioning back again

ShashikantiyengarVolunteer in reply to cure

I tried newcastle tech when I was a newly diagnosed. For 10 days 

But my dr told me it will be successful only if the fats in pancreas was significantly higher 

MRI was done free of costs 

No significant fats were found in pancreas. 

I lost interest as I was feeling hungry all day and was loosing muscle mass 

Later I found out about LCHF and did not look back afterwards 

Yes: IR is a difficult one to handle. 

Mine was 4.2 two months back with HBA1C at 5.2 

cureAdministrator in reply to Shashikantiyengar

hmmm 4.2 IR with 5.2 really amazing....

But it seems u could acheive that with extremely low carb diet.

But is that the final answer???

yes you have stopped that enemy on border....

we want to kill it.....

we seek final cure.....

ShashikantiyengarVolunteer in reply to cure

No idea about cure

But yes.. the diet is working for me

I am a crazy guy who tests as many as 4 times a day many days 

I am seen as a fanatic by me BH

I am shifting towards grainless meals but difficult due to lot of resistance from spouse 

But now happy and energetic with the lipid and inflammatory parameters under control excp the TG and HDL 

My carbs reduction is better last 2 months 

So will check up the lipids now shortly  in next few days. 

Hope that this TG also comes under control 

Hoping to now see a reduction of IR ratio maybe next week 

cureAdministrator in reply to Shashikantiyengar

I guess LCHF is also working for me...I was on low carb normal fats diet...And i was losing about 3 kgs per month.

But now decreased carbs further... and increased losing 1 kg per week.

Will check other parameters by next week.

TG/hdl ration is below 2.5

let us see.....

I had taken BGR for 4 months or so 

Now off the same 

It's not cheaper. At the recommended dosage it's Rs 20 per day 

I find no difference in the control off the medication 

I am very well controlled on metfromin 500 BID along with LCHF 


I have a view point here 

In olden times we used to have good fats along with our high carb diet 

Also lots of spices which are having some anti diabetic properties 

Hence it may have protected or delayed 

Poor used to have whole grains and could not afford to have refined grains.. so said my mother 

Now a days we have deserted good fats 

Consume colas with all junk foods devoid of any beneficial oils, fats or good spices 

Do any of the pizza or burger had even turmeric? 

So in olden times it was a deficiency problem and in modern times its resistance problem I surmise In broad number of cases 

Sirka: my obese friend never heard of it. 

His mom is from UP 

I told Please ask your mom about it. 

She told it was used regularly when she was a kid back in the villages 

Now he is also into ACV which is a version of Sirka 

So the root causes : 

High refined  carbs

High consumption of sugars / fructose in form of colas and ready made foods

Omega 6 loaded oils putting the omega 3: omega 6 ration in an imbalance

Plus deserting good fats  

I have used Sirka ...its very effective in controlling BS if used in its original (Black thick liquid )form.But sad part is that its very rare now a days...very few people in villages now a days make Sirka...I am trying to get it since 3-4 years , but have to settle with ACV from market , which is very less effective in comparison to Sirka in original form.

cureAdministrator in reply to karch

Why not make your own home made sirka??? Its very simple...

karch in reply to cure

its not that simple...they ferment sugarcane juice/jamun juice  in a special pot covering the opening of pot with some cloth for a long time .They keep the same in field to get fermented(I guess because of its pungent smell during fermentation process ). It needs expertise wife told me ...not everybody can make good sirka ...there are bunch of people in village who make good sirka wife's mom gets Sirka from her father's village... :) :) Now you can guess how tough is it get good sirka :) :)

cureAdministrator in reply to karch

hmmm......well making wine I understand is difficult...but even sirka???

ok  let me try this season and tell you my first hand experience....:-)

karch in reply to cure

good would be good experience for all of us ...listening to making of Sirka :) ...but beware of it the experience may not beware pleasant , as the final liquid is not very pleasant and good looking one ...and it takes a long of luck :)

cureAdministrator in reply to karch

I  know the entire fermentation process is not very good looking/smelling ....but sirka is recommended to be used along with mother of sirka

karch in reply to cure

you mean starter / bacterial culture to quick start the process

cureAdministrator in reply to karch

bacteria/ yeast used in sirka making is wild yeast....but guess u can use commercial sirka as starter...

karch in reply to cure

Make sure that these culture bacteria/yeast are strong enough to multiply themselves quickly before other bad bacteria get chance to make their colonies in the juice.In the process of fermentation of sour dough bread  they keep on feeding the starter yeast / bacteria to get strong bacteria in good amount ...we have to be very careful not to breed another harmful bacteria in the medium.

Did you notice if we set the curd with fresh starter curd is much better and non-stinking , but if you keep the starter in fridge for some days ...the resulting curd will smell bad , as the good ones  gone weaker and other harmful bacteria start developing as good ones gone weaker ...just an observation :)

cureAdministrator in reply to karch

very true..... I will first make this culture in small quantity with commercial vinegar... then use that culture as starter to bigger experiment...  there is one more thing which is not available in India 'Kefir'

This is similar to curd....but different yeast/bacteria...

I am looking for starter for this kefir

karch in reply to cure

@cure...No idea about kefir... I successfully made Indian version of Kimchi ...that is "Kanji"

I make with lots of radish, carrots, chillies, ginger and beetroot and garlic in a big batch ...keep in freeze after 5-6 days of fermenting..its very delicious...I blanch the vegetables and sterilize the jar to minimize chances of developing bad bacteria...

cureAdministrator in reply to karch

@ karch

never tasted 'kimchi'....but looks delicious....

Have you ever heard about Gundruk?? or Sinki of nepal??

They are guess very similar to our Achar/pickle.

karch in reply to cure

Our traditional achars are not fermented...just a way of preserving excess seasonal vegetables :) ...they have a lot of vinegar or oil to preserve the vegetables...Gundruk is almost same as pickling vegetables from any other method ...but without salt...salt is used to keep the vegetables safe from developing bad germs in all kind of pickling method ...paani wala acchar are fermented ones ...

karch in reply to karch

See what I have got :

Pickling vegetables with probiotic capsules to get good bacteria of your choice :) ...People are really creative with preserving food and enhancing the nutrition with the help of mother nature :)


are bhai anupjee.....

yar we accept you are 'Hath Yogi'  but don't trouble ur body so much.....


are yar guruji...are u at Indore?? Kumbh mele mein ayenge..toh miloge kya??


wow..great..all the best....


LOL....Title of Book' Hogwash of pharmaceuticals '

Really speaking....I was all confused what is that ppl are getting so much disturbed with word hogwash.

yest I understood for certain community Hogwash word is not Kosher.

LOL....But guess Americans use this word for same reason???

yes :) Its so yummy and smell is awesome :) My mil put mango etc in sirka too :) Sirka with onion salad is irresistible :)

Is this medicine good for patient who is having heart problem(low pumping rate)  as well? Will it effect to heart or not?  

He is diabetic but also heart patient. 


yes too much food and too little physical activity is the root cause of diabetes , apart from the polution in food , water , air , sound and light.

Dnt mind me askin dis bt i hav reacently heared abt dis tablets frm a family friend who belongs to a family filled wid docters. I am lookin dis tab for ma dad so thought of chckin if ny1 has a side effect o nythng worng post followin dis tab.

bnsb in reply to Veenajoganpalli

Consult a qualified ayurvedic doctor and decide. Do not listen to self proclaimed experts around here who say BGR 34 is useless. I have put my money where my mouth is and regular intake over 6 last months has helped me a lot. Needless to say I have been guided by a qualified ayurvedic doctor.

bilkul bakwass medicine hai!!!

guys please do not take it. BGR-34 has many side effects. i strongly recommended not to use this medicine. i do not why people give it +ve review. may be they are workers of BGR-34 company. friends be careful from such kind of spammer. and do not waste your time health and money. because it is directly hit ur health and money as well as.

Where did this troll come from?

Well. It has shown really good reault on fasting /pp was 267/299 when diagnosed. I took metformin for a week but it didnt showed improvement..then i researched and found this drug...after fifteen days my fasting /pp was 99/90.. though i was taking fresh giloy and jamun karela juice with bgr 34 and followed low carb diet with excersice.... I stopped taking metformin after a week........

Have been taking BGR 34 for 9 months now. The medicine has worked for me too. Now I have reduced Allopathic medicine to bare minimum only.

I have purchased 1 bottle of BGR 34 online through order #2686 dated 31.01.2016. I have used the tablets with out my regular medicine as per the instruction given by the company. I do exercise upto 45 minutes every day which includes running also. Read More...

singh7 in reply to okuttan

decide your self,,

ram dev madhu nashni cost 70 rs.

bgr cost 500

dabonil cost rs 100

ime 9 rs200..

for manage cost and use wise ,i feel dabonil Q is good,then ramdev madhukalpvati...,,

if you want to cure your sugar take madhunashni tab

sugar treatment has 3 steps,,,first manage food habits,second manage sugar,,third cure sugar..

manage sugar means,,eat food proper,,for north Indian most people live in metro city eat atta from sealed pocket ,which is very bad,, do not cut,grind food very small piece and do not steamed too thick floor with chnna floor..

second..for managing sugar you can take ramdev madhukalpvati or sbl dabinol. take jamun for immedite reduce sugar.

third,,,for cure sugar you take ramdev madhu nashni .

most importatnt,,rise the doe of medicine slowly and reduce the medicne dose slowly when cured,,means do not stop medicine immediately..

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