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Opinion on BGS 34 Tablet


I am 50 years of age. My diabetes is in control, i am taking tabs Tribet 1 one in the morning and one in the night.

I read positive reviews about tab BGR 34 an Ayurvedic medicine launched by CSIR, this is a research product jointly developed by NBRI and CIMAP.

I would like to know the expert opinion if any one in the panel using this tab.

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Please go through following link:


Thanks alwaysoptimistic for a shotcut direction :)

You are welcome!

Used for 6 months, it is 99% failure in my case.

Thanks for the response - alwaysoptimistic, mostly reviews are not so positive. I will try my luck and update to the group.

sezal in reply to Prajyo

waste of money

sezal in reply to Prajyo

waste of money that is what you are going to do

I have no other way as I have already procured the tabs.



You should aim to be drug free. Medicines just for initial control on bs. Plan your diet properly.

Well said!

@Suramo, thank you for inspirational messages, drug free diet control is my near future plan.

It is very dangerous to depend on this type of fake medicines. This is only making money at the cost of diabetic patience. This is not a reliable product.

Why there is controversy on its effectiveness?

@Govardhan - could you please inform us how it is effective to you, any indication of glucose level reduction, it is helpful if you share the information.

I think it would be more useful if the experience is shared with proper data otherwise any subjective info will be of no significance.

Thanks for Anup ji for giving details. I find the article from Wire support the information from Anup jis write up.

thewire.in/49297/csir-ayush... Looks like no details of clinical trials or patent information is available in the web.

cureAdministrator in reply to Prajyo

BGR34 is what is called as Umbrella treatment .... it is mixture of almost all anti diabetic herbs described in Ayurveda.

I do not think this is scientific approach...as per Ayurveda every person has different 'Prakriti'..so the herb should be prescribed as per his requirements..

Just gulping all anti diabetic herbs is just like what monkeys do....and I call it वानर वैद्यकी ..

However,since it is mixture of almost all anti diabetic herbs...it may be effective to certain ppl and may not be effective to some....

If you go thru the ingredients..you will find fenugreek...saptarangi etc... there are many members on forum who will vouch for effectiveness of these individual herbs to them... if you take little pains....you may find many research papers on net on effectiveness of these herbs to control blood sugar.


5 months use, no benefit at all. Organized loot

Composition for Tribet 1 Tablet XR is Glimepiride (1mg), Metformin (500mg), Pioglitazone (15mg)

Pioglitazone: Following results from a cohort study that showed an increased risk of bladder cancer in patients treated with the drug, France banned it in 2011. Germany is now phasing out the drug too. In the US, the drug comes with a safety warning of the increased risk of bladder cancer.

Dear Gangadharan ji, thanks for the Pioglitazone side effect information, France banned the drug in 2011 !! I am worried as i have been under this drug for the past 4 years. Recently started with Tribet 2 in night and Tribet 1 in the day. I have to discuss with my doctor.... Any alternative to pioglitazone according to your research? please advice.

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