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BGR 34, ayurvedic medicine



Is anyone using BGR 34, Ayurvedic medicines launched by CSIR and CIMAP(Lucknow) and manufactured by AIMIL Pharmaceuticals,New Delhi,

to cure Diabetes Mellitus ,type 2.

Any side effects of it and how worth is the ayurvedic medicine to use for treatment of Diabetes Mellitus 2.

Regards and wishes.

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Ayurvedic medicine is a cultural thing specific to your country, as is acupuncture to China.

I would not be chancing my future health on looking for a cure there. Control of blood sugar is vital and the only way to do that is to severely limit foods that swiftly break down to glucose - wheat products, rice, potatoes - and spike insulin. But if you do you will have an energy shortfall that must be replaced with natural fats.

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Sir, your practises are diff. Also yr climate, hence energy needs. Wish you well.

With help of Ayurveda I have reduced my allopathic meds much n much reduction in BS levels. You are much ahead of us, we respect you. Only share r exp with others.

Yes i am using it from past one month ,yet to see the results.But ayurvedic medicine will not have side effects.

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I have started using it.

I will give 3 complete months, as it has no side effects.

Will go in for HbA1c test and determine the impact.

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Agree. I started using 15 days. No bad effect. Some improvement. Continuing.

Sunnybhai in reply to Hidden

Yes, of course some ayurvedic medicines help in type 2. I use methi powder. Diabetes is not really curable, but these medicines on some patients work like wonders.

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I have started using it for last 10 days. Yet to see results though no apparent side effect

Am type two diabetic since last 5 years. I am one of the early adopters, taking BGR 34 along with minimum dosage of Alopathic medicines for the last two months. Had a detailed blood analysis yesterday. The positives are a) Lipids have come down to normal levels from slightly higher than normal, b) HbA1c is" under good control" for a diabetic - less than 6.8, c) FBS for the day was 110 and PPS 151 and lastly I have lost 1kg of body weight, tummy bloat has come down, sleep really well, feel robust. Not everything I am crediting to BGR 34, but still I am cautiously optimistic about the product. Next tests are due in April.

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Cool. Pl update next month

Sir, are you using any other medicine along with this

Along with BGR34 you have to take your regular medicine as prescribed by your doctor don't stop those medicine that your doctor has prescribed and yes it has no side effects and it is giving good results...

Then why to take BGR34 if you need to take allopathic medicines ?

sandy2bs in reply to raghvendra

it works like maintenance and regulator.In long run allopathy medicine to be tapered and reduced.

Hi I have started to take this medicines from past 10 days. Result is ok till now. So let's see in future what will be the effect of this medicines.

guys who ever is taking JANUMET please consult your doctor for alternate medicine as i have read in news paper that it contains some chemical which is not good for your heart

Where I get BGR34 in Raigarh C.G or Kolkata W.B.

bnsb in reply to Amitmitra

Buy it online. Google BGR 34 and you will get many online sellers.

First of all you must know that there is no cure for diabetes type-2.As long as BGR34 is considered I am using it and the results are tremendously well.

yes i am using for last fifteen days not effective

I am using bgr 34 since 2 months. I have skipped my voglitor.

Still maintaining normal bs levels.

Having one amla aloevera regularly.

To take change over effect from one existing medicine to another new conventional one, one has to take the existing medicine also side by side for some time in a reducing dose method and once the sugar levels are found constantly normal stop the allopathic medicine and continue with the ayurvedic one.

Thanks a lot friends for your beautiful views on BGR 34.

I am not taking any allopathy medicines and my regular Fasting Blood sugar Readings are hovering around 120-125 and Post Lunch Blood sugar readings around 164.

I am 42 year old male with 85 kgs and Height 5'7".

I am just trying to follow diet regime and walking for 30 minutes.

Planinng to go for LCHF DIet and impressed by shooter George on LCHF.

May God Bless you all with Health and peace.

Zaheer Basha

Any medicine that has not been tested for a long time is not safe. Homeo, ayurved etc do not have a side effects is a myth.

BGR is not tested for long.


Dear arunkumar.

As far as my information permits BGR 34 has undergone clinical trials before it was put into the market. But that doesn't guarantee cure.


about 30 days since I been using BGR 34. My BS was upto 470 earlier. I got much relief from Insulin Plant and Paneer Doda but stuck at about 225-260. Now I am on 88-170 - 180 max. Enjoying potatoes & rice ( basmati) precooled and reheated, choc, fruits and smoothies. But total carbs restricted to 100gm max. Liberal use of Ghee, also coconut oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, safflower oil, rice bran oil.

I thank this forum and some dedicated members here who supported and guided every step. Specail mention Peace7, Anoop, Medfree, Shooter George.

Keep in very good mood.

Whichever religion you follow pray to God. He answers them even if we are not articulate enough to tell HIm what we want.

zaheerbasha4 in reply to Hidden

Thanks sir

I am impressed by your words.

May Lord bless you with Health,Peace and Prosperity

mzb007 in reply to Hidden

So are you following LWMDR or LCHF or some other diet?

None of them encourage rice, chocs, potatoes and oils used.

I have started BGR34 since last 15 days, yet no benefit.

I was using BGR-34 for the last 2 years for my type-2 diabetes and it has given good results with no side effects as long as we follow the food regimen and regular morning walls . This is along with our allopathic medicines . I am 76 years old .

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