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BGR -34


BGR-34, India's First Govt Approved Ayurvedic Medicine For High Sugar Levels

Any comments from people who have used would like to know from experts on this

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best avoided

No long term studies

Govt approved does not mean its really good or effective

Low carb diet works best for diabetes

Not effective to me

Before experimenting with BGR -34, learn from the experience of those who have used it. The feed back does not seem ti be encouraging,

It's useless I have tried it for three month . No any positive effect. So don't waste time and money.

I have tried continuously 3 months but it seems useless.Don't believe on advertisement.It is wastage of money .

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My co brother, my wife and my mother have used it for periods ranging from 3m to 2 yrs. No one had any side effects. The feedback :

My wife took it along with metformin 500, her blood sugar levels dropped from 170+ to 150+, and the most that she liked was that she didn't have any hunger pangs by the evening as she used to get when taking only metformin. She has switched to ayurved under a docs supervision (walking 2 km + diet management) and has brought her sugar levels to 100/140.

My co brother takes it along with his medication too. He says his constipation has gone and there's a 10 -20 pt reduction in sugar levels.

My mother,79, takes it but she's not regular and her blood sugar fluctuates. She's now at 120/180,with Hb1AC of 6.2. Earlier she used to be at 150/220 regularly, but her medicines too have changed so we don't know what is the reason for improvement...

This is a not a low cost treatment and I dare say you can get more bang for your buck by going LCHF, but surely it's safe

BGR 34 alone will not reduce Ur sugar level it require to take medicine also. It only stimulates metabolic system & reduces fluctuations. This I am writing with my experience more than one year. Till new medicines are available in market use combination of both to control sugar level along with walk.

Used this med for 3+ months, almost no benefits after consuming it, it costs Rs. 5x4=20/day

No substitute for low carb.low carb along with some morning walk is the best.Thanks.

BGR34 is for helping to control the DM & not to cure. This is the best medicine to work with controlling medicines. It prevents damaging the internal organs which getting damaged due to medicine and patients changed habits due to diabetes.

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