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I read in Healthunlocked about one plant ( creeper) good for diabetes. In Bengal it is called Gulancha. Can anyone enlighten me about this?

One creeper called Gulancha in Bengal is supposed to be good for diabetes.In Tamil it is called something like Toggee T..... ( sorry I cannot recall). It was also written that an ayurvedic medicine containing this plant is available in Hyderabad.Can anyone help? I read about this in HealthUnlocked. But unfortunately can't find it now. I tried to find LW (MDR) here. But it is not available in Kolkata. I need and seek help.

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But I cannot find it in Kolkata. One vegetable vendor showed me the stem which is brown, very thick, rough to touch , one inch in diameter. it didn't match the picture of the plant i saw on the computer. can you get it freely in the Bangalore market?


Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy/Guduchi/Guloncha/Amruth) is a natural immunity builder which works against many disease like Diabetes, Fever, Cancer et. etc. Regular use of this creeper is effective for control of diabetes type 2. I will suggest you two preparations with this for diabetes :

A)For control of diabetes with strengthening heart, kidney, liver :

1)Take 1 meter length of Giloy (Tinospora) remove its skin & cut into small pcs

2) Take 6 pcs (150-200grms) of Amla (Raw) and remove its seed and cut into pcs.

3) Take 100 grams of Raw Haldi (curcumin) and after removing its skin cut into small pcs.

4) Take 50 grams of good curry leaves

5) Take 50 grams of raw Punarnava leaves (Boerhevia Diffusa)

6) Take 25 grams of bhui amla - (full including its root to leaves) (Phyllanthus niruri/Keezhar nelli in Malayalam&Tamil/Bahupatra etc.)

( If Bhui Amla is not available you can use Bhel Patra)

Grind well all the above adding 1 ltr. water in a mixer grinder and keep the liquid in a bottle in fridge. This will last for 1 week.

Take 50ML of the above liquid (juice) adding 2 tsp of pure honey every day morning in empty stomach and at night atleast 1 hr. before meals. Take this juice daily twice after about 1 month you will see the sugar levels are reduced considerably.

Regulate your food intake avoiding Sugar and too much carbo hydrates.

B) For just control of diabetes:

1) Take 6 inch long of Giloy and remove its skin and cut into 1.5inches long and crush it

2) Take one ladys finger and cut into small pieces

In the evening take 200 ML of pure water and add the above two ingredients and keep it closed with a lid and in the next day morning after stirring the water remove the Crushed giloy and lady finger & drink the water in empty stomach. The water will be thick like a glue. Similarly take 200 ML water in the morning, repeating the above procedure and drink in the evening before meals that means twice daily you have to take this water. After about 1 month you will notice considerable reduction in the blood glucose level in Type 2 patients.

Continue this daily.


in tamil it is called has Amirthavalli