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Too many diabetics under 30

Hi All,

When i was diagnosed i felt that i am very unlucky to have it. But recently two of my friends are also diagnosed.One doc prescribed me insulin another doc prescribe me two tab then one tab then half tab. Within 3 months sugar level is fb 95 ppbs 108 by diet and exercise.

I want you to ask you people whats the reason behind it ? Why too many diabetics are under age now a days.

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Weston A Price found that chronic ill-health followed the introduction of the "displacing foods of modern commerce". We have more of them now, and young people eat less real food as a consequence.

It's no good keep telling everyone to eat everything in moderation because culturally we are losing track of what moderation is! If we eat more than 100g-150g of carbohydrate per day we are eating more than our body uses. The excess is turned to body fat that exacerbates the risk of insulin resistance, and subsequently diabetes.


ThankYou for your reply.

So cutting down the carb is good for normal people as well.

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So what about this therapy

insulin>tabs>1/2tabs>then excercise and diet. Need your expert comment.

How long we can maintain our diabetes by this therapy. Since there are ample of young people who got diabetes now a days.


Hi, modern world is nothing but industrialization vth plastic food commodity etc. It has made us work very less ( automobiles, mixer, grinder,abundance of food nd water etc) and alteted or poisoned our foods ( refined bread sugars or every grain veg nd fruits v eat r loaded vth pesticides nd chemicals). Hence all the modern diseases. As anup says MNCs vth pesticides nd pharmas run the whole show. V hv to live nd try to adjust while trying alternatiives. Try to go step by step to earlier ages. Say no to anything refined try to do as much physical as possible. Walk in office vnever possible, take stairs, help in household work , say NO to anything refined....meds food and exercise r very imp. Your doctor vl reduce meds if ur sugar levels r coming under control. All the best..


Regular medicines, exercise and diet can keep diabetics under control


If everything eatable is poisoned by pesticides, the high fat which may be in any form also poisoned, then why one should eat high fat also if not high carbs,and protein?


excess usage of hybrid technology in agriculture cultivation, improper life style, heavy stress etc are the reasons for more diabetic


Im too only 26 n my weight is 58

N i walk alot n do cycling alot

But still i diagnosed with diabetes

It was juz lik i become hopeless speechless went into depression but i must say nw im on lifes right track atlst i have time to be healthy n fit


Absolutely... Correct.

In today's lifestyle/Genration we are very lucky to have it because if you take Diabetes as a motivation you can live longer than normal people.Yearly health checkup,Leads to longer health.


sir please kindly suggest us for our questions


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