How many eggs daily?

Hi all,

Though my dietitian told me that I can eat 6 eggs per day, but some days back one of my relatives told me that it is dangerous to eat more than 2 eggs per, as she knows someone who used to have 6 eggs / day during his gym training and got minor heart attack after 3-4 months and doc ask him to cut down on eggs. I was eating eggs earlier , but in less quantity....I want to know from experienced people who are eating since much eggs/day is safe regularly?I dont eat no-veg, so have limited source of protein apart from egg.




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31 Replies

  • Eat as many as you like. The nonsense that cholesterol will kill you is finally being laid to rest:

  • Thanks for is a good article...Good that there are people like you in forum...who are there to allay the fears related to diet and heath

  • And, with age one needs more cholesterol.

  • really??? I was always thinking that with growing age we need less cholesterol as we already must have accumulated a lot:):)

  • There is no correlation between eggs-cholesterol and heart attack.

  • 12-18 eggs a week since 4+ years, but on LCHF diet.

    Last one week, I have mostly been on just 3 eggs + 2 slices of bread in a day. Besides this, just peanuts, green tea with lemon and coffee+vco. Trying to get weight down to 75kg band.

    As for gym training, most gym trainers insist on CARB loading aka HIGH CARBS. So we cannot take a case of HIGH CARB LOADING + EGGS and eliminate the HIGH CARBS part and then put the blame on EGGS. This selective cherry picking is done by Indian Media when they have to create a BREAKING NEWS :)

  • You will discover that Cherry picking is done by everyone either in small or big are right ...high carbs and then respected doctors are there to diagnose the cause of problem...main problem is that doctors once graduated from good colleges and start getting customers dont bother to upgrade their knowledge and they somehow sustain .unlike software industry...medical industry is always profitable without much upgradation: )now we have extra responsibility to keep updated regarding health for the good of family...apart from all other duties: )

  • We on LCHF don't cherry pick :)

  • Hi,

    It is not necessary what suited other will suit . It is a broad idea . Only thing that help to observe minutely the EFFECT of a particular food on body and adjust accordingly


    Ramesh Rao

  • : ): ) That's what I was waiting to hear from some experienced person...After all experience is the best teacher: ): )

    Thanks Ramesh ji!!!

  • I am 76 now and consumes eggs from my younger days. For number of years I used to take a minimum of couple of half boiled eggs a day. Being insulin dependent for the last five years, I am following a strict diet pattern now-a-days and limited the egg consumption to one a day.

    If my life so far is taken into consideration consumption of eggs does not have any ill effects on health. On the contrary eggs provide sufficient nutrients to the body.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience....You are accustomed of eating your body welcomes it even if you consume it in high quantity.I was pure vegetarian till I got I am forced to eat egg because of its nutritional values...people say if we suddenly give a load of anything which we did not eat since childhood...body feels a I was concerned how to incorporate good amount say 3-4 eggs in daily diet , so that body does not feel shock either for cholesterol or sodium in egg.

  • American will publish/prescribe which boosts their industry,after so many decades they say high cholesterol is not bad for health simply to sell theirs cholesterol lowering drugs. These studies are farce and misleading,do not depend entirely on it,as we do not follow ADA guidelines on diabetes. There should not be double stranded.

  • We have a single life to live and there is no reset button to redo the things:): ) better to talk to people and learn from other's experience than first experiment and then say "I wish there should have been a reset button in life"...rather than getting lost by finding all contradictory type of research on internet...i would rather rely on people who are experienced and seen and know much more than me ...though well educated or not ...again I say all books ...research papers are just result of first observation...experiment then turned to experience:) : ) experience is best teacher

  • Hi,

    I fully endorse your views and add that the studies /prescribes are applicable for Americans / Europeans not for Indians simply because their food habits and weather differs opposite to ours.

    Ramesh Rao

  • And then our genes are programmed according to our ancestors diet ...for example 2-3 yrs old korean kids eat banana and yogurt while standing on bus stand while it is snowing and temp less then -10 ...just dare to do the will definitely get bad cold...there are 10 more things I can tell u ...which can clearly indicate that genetic and general food habits do make difference ...every body tolerance power to different things is not same

  • Diabetes and carbs behaves similarly, irrespective of caste, color, race, ethnicity, location etc. Eat carbs and sugar shoots up, American or Indian doesn't matter.

  • When did Americans say High Cholesterol is not bad for health?

    India follow ADA guidelines. Why India, most of other nations also do.

  • In India...mostly people listen to their elders my wife's mother never allow them to eat eggs more than 2 in a day saying it creates heat in body:):) She must not be aware of ADA guidelines:):) Thats the experience people sharing with generations.... IF you see people were much healthier than today...following certain guidelines from elders in family...

    My brother's wife told me that her cholesterol went high recently , when she suddenly started taking 2 eggs daily...before that none at all since childhood...she is quite calculated in eating healthy and less sugar only asked me follow precautions regarding eggs

    Her told me the case of her close relative getting minor heart attack after suddenly increasing egg intake...So I just went slow on egg

    I have to first care about myself rather than India or USA:) :)

  • I am more experienced than you ,mind,do not fool the peoples.

  • I respect your experience... you have to guide me now...:) :)

  • Experience about WHAT?

  • :):) I am not going to print my cv here:):)I was talking about experience wrt age and years person spent being diabetic:):)

    I really like you people to know why I posted like that...I replied to Anup the whole scenario...Its better that everyone should know about these kind of incidences

  • Right now I have problem of diabetes and slight thyroid issue...for thyroid issue doctor did not prescribe any medication.With precautions and yoga it got corrected, but since 2 months its resurfaced again though slight...

    For diabetes I am taking MF for diabetes and practicing to follow LCHF, I am working full time and my family is not with me right not able to give much to experiment with LCHF by myself to be frank...My fasting is around 105-110.

    Right now I am struggling to put on mother is really concerned about my weight:):) to make her happy I am working to gain weight:):)

    Skin near my ankles got brown initially ...but after doing yoga regularly and using neem tulsi powder skin problem resolved...

    To make things lighter many times my tone is little bit jolly...please dont mind...these experience issue:):)

    I know you people are working hard and much more experienced and have much more knowledge than me

    I am just a new admission:):)

  • reagarding "person whom you told that don't fool people and that you have more experience." please read again and carefully


    I am more experienced than you ,mind,do not fool the peoples.

    its not me...I never boast about experience

    I never said I am more experienced and dont fool the people...

    Please focus on the main issue...dont make the "experience" a issue...We are getting more and more diverted from the topic

  • @difidend...I was eagerly waiting to hear your experience...I am politely requesting you to share your milestones , which you achieved with any of the method...We all are here as support group for each other...

    I do my best not to offend anyone... :) :) :) :)

    (I just learned making smiley from George Sir)

  • Hi karch,

    Unless your relative knows that is all the gym person ate, it's unlikely the eggs caused a heart attack.

  • Even twins are not identical though they appear to be. Eggs’ response therefore differs from person to person. Why we are focusing so much on eggs only? There are Soy products, milk, curd, vegetable, and also fish, meat a full spectrum of foods high in what is available in eggs -to eat and enjoy life as an LCHF eater. Freeing our self from following the traditions is prerequisite to ‘begin our search’ for the right thing!

  • Soy kills the thyroid and isn't the super food that it was thought to be. Yes, it still holds lot of value for VEGANS as a source of protein. Also, slowly 95% of Soy is going to be GMO, not that it already isn't in USA.

    Except for hyper-responders, every LCHF followers (identical twins or not) get similar results on Eggs. Eggs, Butter, VCO -- we fall for it as it's SFA. We don't fall for eggs for protein source, but for its good source of SFA.

  • Eggs gives excellent results when comes to blood sugar spikes...its low carb high protien food...with full nutition.chicken ,fish are not an option for me right now...i dont like smell +taste...

  • It has high FAT too if you are not throwing off the YOLKS :)

    Protein also spikes sugar, and spikes late. It's the FAT that controls spike the most. Despite eating 3 times the recommended cholesterol and FAT in diet LIPIDS don't go haywire, unless a hyper responder. In fact LIPIDS improve for many. LIPIDS is not just TC and LDL.

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