diabetes and native medicine

I am diabetic for 15 years.I am on GEMER1 medication. I was suggested a native medicine prepared by a renowned medical institution. .I used to measure glucose level very often with one touch. I found the following result. It showed reduced glycemic levels in fasting ie up to 100.but it shooted up pp reading to anything upto 200 which I never had before.I want to share my experiance .


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  • It is better to go back to Glimipride..

    Please use One Touch only for emergency situations and not regularly

    Please check your HbA1c consulting your family Physician..

    Dr.Cecil Bright,MBBS


  • I had foot septic and underwent surgery in a speciality hospital..Insulin 'nova mix 22+16 and nova rapid 10 units were prescribed for 5 months.Now I have been advised to discotiniue insulin and put on TAB .GEMER 1 1+1.I am seeing my physician at regular intervals and am using one touch once in a week or whenever I feel my glycemic level is too low. My H1bA1 last two test showed 6.5 and 6.9.

  • I do not know which native medicine you were using; But if you were on Glimperide 1mg, you should better continue with it, instead of experimenting with unknown drugs.

    Dr. K.Vijay



  • i have used glimipride 1 mg. though it is good it induces heavy sleep in some cases.

  • I am diabatice type-II for the last 20 years. I have tested all types of native/ayurvedic/unani etc. Never trust these medicines. they just don't work.

    Consult a MB BS ddoctor or a specialist for consultation. if u r a starter 500mg metaformin will do.it comes with many commercial names.

  • I use Aurvedic and Allopathic medicines and have noticed that both to gether work better

    as use of only allopathic medicines needs change of medicines and increase in doses.

  • at the risk of being called in a "spammer" i would like to enjoin the discussion. i am not a person against either allopathic or native medicine, both have their own plus and minus points. as an informed individual, i would say that a judicious mix of herbs can bring down the blood sugar drastically in a short span of time. one such formulation is AdyaSanjivni. website address: adyaecoproducts.com. i am surviving on gluconomG2 and my sugar was hovering areound 259 for a long time, now i have a 25% fall after taking this herbal formula. probably you can also try this without discontinuing doctor's prescription. this is my personal view.

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