diabetes and native medicine

I am diabetic for 15 years.I am on GEMER1 medication. I was suggested a native medicine prepared by a renowned medical institution. .I used to measure glucose level very often with one touch. I found the following result. It showed reduced glycemic levels in fasting ie up to 100.but it shooted up pp reading to anything upto 200 which I never had before.I want to share my experiance .

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  • It is better to go back to Glimipride..

    Please use One Touch only for emergency situations and not regularly

    Please check your HbA1c consulting your family Physician..

    Dr.Cecil Bright,MBBS


  • I had foot septic and underwent surgery in a speciality hospital..Insulin 'nova mix 22+16 and nova rapid 10 units were prescribed for 5 months.Now I have been advised to discotiniue insulin and put on TAB .GEMER 1 1+1.I am seeing my physician at regular intervals and am using one touch once in a week or whenever I feel my glycemic level is too low. My H1bA1 last two test showed 6.5 and 6.9.

  • I do not know which native medicine you were using; But if you were on Glimperide 1mg, you should better continue with it, instead of experimenting with unknown drugs.

    Dr. K.Vijay



  • i have used glimipride 1 mg. though it is good it induces heavy sleep in some cases.

  • I am diabatice type-II for the last 20 years. I have tested all types of native/ayurvedic/unani etc. Never trust these medicines. they just don't work.

    Consult a MB BS ddoctor or a specialist for consultation. if u r a starter 500mg metaformin will do.it comes with many commercial names.

  • As all of us known that diabetes is not a simple diseases, all systems of medicine have different approach for Diabetes but none has a cure for it.

    However allopathic system brings sugar levels immediately under control. It wrong to say that the other systems are not effective or trust worthy on the contrary they are safe natural support in the management of Diabetes.

    They help in reducing the progression and intensity of Diabetes for which there is has no cure.

    Metabolic disorder is a mismatch of what we eat , absorb & spend.

    To correct the system a lot depend on how we respond, adjust and modify our lifestyle.

    Other systems are slow but holistic and have no side effects. The premise is to let body develop its own fighting capability where as in allopathy the target is blood sugar and the rest can betaken care of later as they develop without caring for side effects.

    Therefore the mix of both is important for management of Diabetes so that harmfuleffects can be reduced and body slowly develops the self corrective capability which will reduce intensity of Diabetes.

    Diabetes medication will continue life long in conjunction. There are no interactions between them.

    For those who have been diabetic for long Ayurvedic system has many advantages as a natural support.

    Kindly refer to atulyanutrition.in

    for Metabolic disorders as they do not generally occur alone without add ons like obesity or heart health or vice versa.

    Pls.inform in detail about your routine

    and occupation and details of alternate treatments taken if available.

    but we can surely begin by taking small simple steps

    easy to do and natural for better diabetes management.

  • Blood sugar level changes throughout the day many times

    but for long Diabetics it is important to monitor HbA1c which is an indication

    of how deep has it penetrated at cellular level or simply how well it has been managed.

  • In your case Tab. GEMER1 makes pancreas to release more insulin where as ayurvedic medication will attempt to rejuvenate beta cell for more insulin production and improve glucose metabolism and uptake. Simply reduce strain on pancreas. therefore ayurvedic medication will be good support.

  • I use Aurvedic and Allopathic medicines and have noticed that both to gether work better

    as use of only allopathic medicines needs change of medicines and increase in doses.

  • at the risk of being called in a "spammer" i would like to enjoin the discussion. i am not a person against either allopathic or native medicine, both have their own plus and minus points. as an informed individual, i would say that a judicious mix of herbs can bring down the blood sugar drastically in a short span of time. one such formulation is AdyaSanjivni. website address: adyaecoproducts.com. i am surviving on gluconomG2 and my sugar was hovering areound 259 for a long time, now i have a 25% fall after taking this herbal formula. probably you can also try this without discontinuing doctor's prescription. this is my personal view.

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