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Is it tuberculosis or something else?


I am writing this on behalf of my father. He is a diabetic and has suffered from two cardiac arrests.

His adenosine deaminase is highly elevated with mantoux and tst tests negative. His chest x-ray is completely clear and has twice negative sputum tests.

Also, his sgot and sgpt levels are highly elevated with clear hepatomegaly in ultrasound scan.

He is constantly under fluctuating fever which is controlled by paracetamol. His broad range anti bacterial medicines might not be helping.

The doctor we are consulting is still waiting for tb to appear and has prescribed medicines for the same. We are confused as what to do.. Please help.

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If you have some doubts,please consult another DR.He may not have TB.Usage of lot of medicines can also create some problems.Let us hope that he will be alright soon.


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