Swiss double stem cell

Have anyone tried swiss double stem cell medicine to control/cure diabities? My friend who was diagnosed diabetic recently has started this from last 15- 20 days. Complete course is of 3 months.His random level before starting was 350 with hba1c=12, now it has come down to 185 without any other medicine. The symptoms of diabities such as frequent urination, mild headache, leg pain etc. have improved v. much and he is feeling better. I am diabetic also, and my recent hba1c is 6.8 ( following lchf partially). I am waiting to see his next hba1c test level. This therapy promisises to cure not only diabetes but also other metabolic/autoimmune disorders.

I want to clear that I am neither a promoter nor an agent of this therapy and also not believe till now if there is any cure available for diabetes. It is just a very faint hope for me. I made this post just to know if anyone here has tried this.


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  • Stem cells the buzz word. Double stem cell - twice as good!

    It's a scam, steer clear!

  • Thanks sir for eeplying,

    I almost agree with you....

    but I will wait, may be.........

  • replying

  • Stem cell therapy yet to come

  • May be - but it won't be coming from an obscure ancient Swiss apple tree:

    ...But, Professor Liam Dolan, the Sheradian Professor of Botany at Oxford University, who specialises in studying plant cells, is sceptical about the new ingredient. 'I don't see how plant stem cells could interact with human stem cells in this way,' he says.

    But Dr Daniel Schmid, research director of Mibelle Biochemistry, the Swiss lab which developed PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica, insists that his study shows his apple stem cell extracts have been 'shown to improve the maintenance of the stem cells characteristics of epidermal stem cells.'

    He admits: 'The anti-ageing benefit for the skin after topical application could not be confirmed in a clinical trial.'

  • But sir his sugar level and diabetic symptoms are improving. What will be the logic behind it.....?

  • His clinical evidence is absent. You only have his word! This is not a basis to treat ANY disease!

  • 3/4 yrs ago PGI Chandigarh India conducted resurch on human stem cell treatment of diabetic patients found success. I donot know further whether the treatmemt avaiable ?i wanted to try but due to my age and distance of travelling 160kms a day stopped me. It is a premier research institute of govt ofIndia

  • Nothing came up when I googled it.........

  • it is available on google search,

    company name is phytoscience.

    search 'phytoscience'

  • Is this some sort of MLM company?

  • yes anup g

  • Phytoscience (Double stem cell) is Purely MLM Company. its a scam. I used Double stem cell. But no use. my sugar levels 180/300 hba1c : 8.3 now

  • I could guess. Their PAYMENT PLAN is the real product, rest looks more of a cover up for illegal MLM -- aka Ponzi scheme.

  • Me too border line case.will love to know from where it could be purchased.I in Jaipur India

  • I would like to join it.

  • Never heard of this therapy need more evidential base information Never publish in medical magazine

  • My friend whose reference I have given, his paternal cousin is supplying this medicine. According to him, one of his customer was wife of a MBBS doctor, who was diabetic since 10 years and she had tried many medications but her suger level was never normal, but she got result after using this product, she is eating sweets also.

    My friend and his cousin are very good and faithful friends, he will not make him use this med for just making money.

    The medicine is in sachet form, each sachet is to be taken at 2am. According to the symptoms after using this med my friend is very much satisfied.

    I want to add here that, according to my knowledge of diabetes, I almost not beleive in cure. Whenever someone claims cure, the mind is strike with the thought of fraud.

    But this case is happening in front of me. I will just wait and watch his proceedings, he will take medicine for 3 months. I will watch his hba1c report, and further watch for minimum duration of next 3-6 months. If I will find him cured then I will surely try it then only and update here.

  • Please explain in detail what Swiss double stem cell is. What is lchf also

  • Dear I am also searching for more knowledge about this, and made this post to know if anyone used this.

    On LCHF, you can search this community and dlife for posts of mr anup, (whom I respect a lot) and others, you will get the info

  • Beware DO NOT BELIEVE the emails you receive for a complete cure of diabetics and all the audio talks are more or less same telling a HUGE LIE.Like this we will get lots of emails that too specifically from the so called medically improved formulas which has either no side effects but absolutely inexpensive treatment for complete cure of Type II diabetics and path breaking new easy cure for less US$50 with staggering audio voices and videos clippings concurrently about the threshold of freeing you from the shackles of this dread dis ease called DIABETICS and its attendant problems or rather accompanying diseases of Diabetic type II.I think these people are the worst offenders cheating the public in every nation throughout the globe and the respective governments won't even screen them.They by and large make heavy blame on allopathic industry about their harmful medicines and tablets and their staggering annual earning of not than 300 billion dollars a year. As a member of this august forum and blog called Health Unblocked and as as per my personal observation,may be I am wrong and subject to correction if any, here only two methodologies which had been very well explained without expecting any fame or favor and nor monetary benefits have been so far effective towards a possible control/ cure are 1.Low Carb High Fiber(LCHF) and 2.Long Wheat Mash Regime by Mr.George popularly known as Shooter George .These are nevertheless the two important methods sustaining its authority for the obvious reasons we know and once we adopt sincerely as told by their respective dietary regime/s as far as I know of it for the past three years being a member and an active diabetic patient slowly making a headway towards recovery at first and aiming to get a complete cure and all other references,blogs and pseudo propaganda are nothing but money-making tactics-es. Kindly post only if any has personally made a recovery for sure that too remaining a diabetic turned as a non diabetic and remain non diabetic for a pretty long time at least six months to one year even after consuming all the sweetmeats and diabetic producing foods.More over MOST of the gentleman and lady member of this forum here are pretty old people and some younger persons who are into this trap of being diabetic even at a young age have spent considerably huge sums of money for their diabetic menace at least under control and hence please have mercy on us and DO NOT tell stories which are baseless and totally untrue for which we will be grateful to you my friends.This is purely a forum for exchanging views and improving our quality of living to a more and more healthier way and hence please do desist your attempts to fool around us.Kindly forgive and pardon me if I have mentioned anything against the spirit and sentiments of this forum and if so my sincere apologies please.May I pray to the ALMIGHTY to offer a miraculous food on the earth or an elixir from anywhere to solve this mystery of diabetics.

  • i agree w8th mr sampath

  • Try Paleo diet

  • Diabalife is the best. It work well in type-2 diabetes. I am using it for the last 3 months and my HbA1C came down from 6.2 to 5.7.

  • His fasting after one month comes down to 116

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