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HBA1C always around 9

Hi, I am a diabetic type 1 diagnosed in 2002 and since then on Huminsulin 30/70(Morning 38 units and night 40 units) and oral drugs Gluconorm G1 (Daily Twice); 1 mutivitamin tab every night( A to Z vit). In a week, I wake up with Low Sugars almost every alternate day, but still my HBA1C is always around 9, 9.5. I follow strict diet control, Break fast - 2 chapathis; lunch limited rice with good quantity of vegetable curries, Dinner - Jawari(yellow) ki rotis 2;

I do not have any BP or any other complaints and lead a normal life by Gods Grace.

Can someone guide me on how to get this to under control range.

Thanks a lot in advance for all your help and guidance.


Vinod Bachu

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Many diabetic people are able to live a normal life with low/no medicines by following a Low Carb-High Fat diet plan.For more information about LCHF,follow the following link:



Discuss lowering your insulin with your doctor; hypoglycaemia at night is extremely dangerous of course. Lower your carbohydrate intake, since this is the greatest determinant of blood glucose, and have a little natural fat to replace it.

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