HBA1C always around 9

Hi, I am a diabetic type 1 diagnosed in 2002 and since then on Huminsulin 30/70(Morning 38 units and night 40 units) and oral drugs Gluconorm G1 (Daily Twice); 1 mutivitamin tab every night( A to Z vit). In a week, I wake up with Low Sugars almost every alternate day, but still my HBA1C is always around 9, 9.5. I follow strict diet control, Break fast - 2 chapathis; lunch limited rice with good quantity of vegetable curries, Dinner - Jawari(yellow) ki rotis 2;

I do not have any BP or any other complaints and lead a normal life by Gods Grace.

Can someone guide me on how to get this to under control range.

Thanks a lot in advance for all your help and guidance.


Vinod Bachu

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  • Many diabetic people are able to live a normal life with low/no medicines by following a Low Carb-High Fat diet plan.For more information about LCHF,follow the following link:


  • Discuss lowering your insulin with your doctor; hypoglycaemia at night is extremely dangerous of course. Lower your carbohydrate intake, since this is the greatest determinant of blood glucose, and have a little natural fat to replace it.

  • Dear Vinod Bachu,

    I am diabetic since age of 35. I am a stock broker by profession. Living a sedentry life style. Always sitting in the Office and attending desk jobs from 9am to 4.30 pm.

    This has let to severe complications, eye sockets goes dry, feel hungry due to no exercises, which means the body insulin 30/70 is not activating the pancreas. I had severe lung infection, and the left part of my femur was infected due to osteo melitis. (bone infection).

    However, i will have given u more testimony. But at 62 years of age, i boast of perfect good and great health. I have learnt to control the sugar at a great pace.

    Exercises of 45 mins is a must. visit : about.com/exercises preferable both times, morning at 7am and evening 5pm both the sessions should be performed religiously ie. 45 mins each session.

    treadmill incline 15 mins - 150 calories

    cycle level 9 with rpm of above 60, hands at 90 degree angle -150 cals

    cross trainer at level of 9 with rpm above 60 for 15 mins -100 cals

    treadmill jog / light on scale at 7 for 20 mins - 100 cals

    abs - is a must to reduce the bloated stomach, and it will build ur endurance

    light weights is a must to reduce flab on hands, and tone your face..

    shoulder press, all repeation of 3x20 times.

    There is no need of sacrificing from food. U should have good proteins. Meat, fish, pulses, rice, lots of salad.

    Ragi malt morning/ corn flakes / oats with milk / try any of these .

    On Lunch, u have to take Ragi mudde ball with mutton curry, or any leafy veg. with sambhar.

    Tea break evening - Toasts with tea or coffee

    dinner - u can decide and try to have ur dinner before 8pm not late. Tour fruits, should be apple or gava, or Papaya slices, never a Mango.

    You should never chek your blood every day or every week, just walk more, and exercise more, and you can touch your wrist will turn cold due to lots of exercise that i told you.

    Inorder to gain great sleep, just avoid salt in ur food. Try to build a habit to avoid salt to Nil.

    Drink lots of warm water to 3 litres daily to function ur kidneys and keep clean.

    wear sport shoes daily during walk, and walk in the mild sunlight to get vitamin D from sunlight direct. This will strengthen ur bones fully.

    However, chek the with the Lab and obtain following reports :

    D3 /B12/hba1c, creatine test, liver test, and Lipid profile to know ur choloresterol HDL and LDL.

    Incase ur D3 is far lower, then u need vitamins to save from deficiency.

    Moreover, i am shocked at ur ignorance and u rely on online and u do not make efforts at all. Meanwhile, u chek online on health unlocked. U can register yourself with gyms, and avoid doctors and doctors bills.

    I am ashamed at the levels of your ignorance. May be u are not educated nor school dropout. But i appreciate ur knowledge to come and chek withhealth unlocked.

    Avoid porn movies, porn stuff, its not good for you. U are more lazy and u want others to work for u.

    Give relief to ur wife and children. Try do do things yourself. U should also make ur own food, do not order ur wife and kids.

    Its a shame for a Man to ask his family look after him in his old age. U should be able to attend ur Lab doctors, clinics, and looking after yourself on your own.

    Many husbands are living pampered life style. This is idiotic behaviour of a Man. The Man should be a bread earner, also try to be a handyman, and behave like a Man.

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