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Anup Sir Please Help Me

I Am Not Able Control BS My injection 50/50 Morning 30 Units Evening 30 Units Afternoon Iam not Able to Injection on My Office. Any time My BS Readings Above 150 After Food 260 .Evening 5 Pm Also 250 to 300. I am Eating Very Less. but not Control

Please Tell Me Any advise Last Four Days i had heavy headache From Afternoons .

I am Change to other doctor but result was same.

Please Suggest Any Tab Also Afternoon.

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What is your diet

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My diet Is Morning 3 Idly & Lunch Small Qty Of Rice & Dinner 3 Idly or

1 chapathi


yes sir but bs not down what is the problem?

Increasing insulin BS TOO Much Down

What I DO?

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Sir Please Give that sample meal Again

I Trying Tomorrow onward

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* Eat less food, more times in a day. Reduce carbohydrate diet.

* Walk for 15 minutes after every meal.

* Take Hb A1c test every 4 months.

* Consult a diabetologist.






Try insuline 75/25.Afternoon one glycomet forte half an hour before lunch.But consult doctor.If you need advice on your diet write to me at achar499@gmail.com .Let me know your diet schedule.


First tell me what's your age. Your BS is not responding to ur insulin doses. There are 3 types of insulin available in our market. You must also tell me the name of your insulin injections prescribed.


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