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For those interested in lowering and controlling their blood sugar and worried about changing to a lower carbohydrate higher lifestyle might like to follow Dr. Jason Fungs blog. He also has a wonderful series of lectures on youTube. Here's his latest post with a link to his site:



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  • Because "established" medical bodies work on money of drug industry. Plain and simple. They will never be convinced because if they did, they will lose a fat paycheck from sponsors. Doesn't take a PhD to understand this. It's all about protecting and growing the $650 billion diabetes industry and not shrinking it to $300 billion in three months of switching to LCHF diet.

    One diabetic -- 105 kg by weight -- went off useless drugs worth Rs 3000/Month in a months time -- in fact right in the first week. So, why would so called "established" experts want that to happen across the board?

    Millions know this and they switch to what really manages diabetes without over dependence on DRUGS. They cut down CARBS drastically and enjoy great control over diabetes. Even a 80 year old Indian with 30 years of Diabetes history benefited:


    400+ Indians on LCHF know this already. In fact, it must be 500+ now :)

    Something that started as a one man's "SPECULATIVE BLOGGING" here in Jan 2013 has grown to such a stature. Whereas, all the claims of CURE by eating boiled wheat haven't been able to produce one additional case.

    Remember, all diabetics who land on forum have been betrayed by the "established" bodies and their horrible recommendations on diet. All those who opposed ADA/AMA/AHA are also great experts and great because they do not get money from drug companies to promote drugs.

  • Why hasn't established medical bodies been able to accept that their dietary advise has failed everyone? If they are failing consistently since decades to control diabesity, don't know how they are considered "Established". They have to first challenge their own paradigm -- FAILED LOW FAT THEORY -- before they can be talked to.

    Those who pretend to sleep can never be woken up. Established bodies are PRETENDING to sleep over the plight and still recommending things which only worsens diabesity. So, millions of diabetics around the world on diet that ADA/AMA/AHA calls bad cannot be wrong and just a bunch of so called experts in so called established medical bodies be right.

  • The day Prof Tim Noakes (a marathon runner who turned type 2 diabetic -- so no stupid sedentary theory applies here) started advocating LCHF diet to runners, his sponsorship from a sports drink company stopped. This shows what "established" is and what it really means. It's all about protecting personal profits of a few at the expense of declining public health on a so called healthy diet -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT.

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