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my elder brother is also diabetic, and he has very poor eating habits, recently during walk at night he compalined of chest pain and was sweating we admitted him to hospital on family doctors suggetion as the ecg report was not normal .....then we did the 2d echo check/test and dr infrmd that his blood has become thick and he has been put on a 7 days injection course and after 2 days he is now discharged from hospital. i wanted to know what types of food regime he should follow so his diabetes is under control and the problem related to heart is also solved, as the doctor has told to do angiography to ascertain if there are any blocks on his heart....

kindly i would suggest if some one recommends a good diet plan.

We have stopped walking for few days bcoz of this problem otherwise we use to walk in park everyday morning and night 30 minutes each...


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  • It is important to get the necessary investigations done for his heart condition. Check the sugar levels every day and adjust medicine and food regime.

  • slowly reduce carbs. and follow lchf diet. get more info from net. And also from millions of people got benefit why not your brother?

  • Go to high fat,and further invite heart problem?Good Luck

  • Healthy Fat!

  • Our body is conditioned for assimilation of carb and fat.If you have problems with carb,reduce it to increase fat.This simple logic works in LCHF.After monitoring your carb andfat well, you will be able to adjust your carb and fat.Pl. remember preconditions for diabetic life.They are proper diet,medicine,exercises and peace of mind.For mind you can start "Meditation" which regulate and stabilize your physique and mind.

  • well said menonpkv

  • Drink plenty of water. morning time also drink water with empty stomach. daily take some Padam nut, it'll strengthen arteries and blood vessels. eat more vegetables and fruits like orange, apple, peach etc. daily 30 minutes continuous walking will improve HDL level and lover LDL cholesterol level. Spinach and celery leaks are good for heart as well as sugar level

  • you mean to say Badam (hindi) to be eaten

  • Yes. Almond in English

  • It is your own make website,no scientific study done,hence useless &hopeless website. No follow up action etc.etc.

  • my experience is that one should go on insulin as early as necessary if one is not able to control sugar level between 130-180 or 200 -fasting and after breakfast. i controlled it by limiting rice and wheat intake to about 125 gms per day. this excludes carbs one takes in dals (lentils) etc.

  • Purchase glucometer and monitor his glucose regularly. Check his glucose levlels fasting post prandial. Much more scientifically once in a week or ten days check his glucose sixtimes, fasting(80-100), post break fast(120-140),prelunch(8-100),post lunch 120-140,predinner 80-100, post dinner 120-140. Use foods which low glycemic index,use plenty of fiber contaning vegetables like guar,beans ladies fiber,etc fruits like oranges guva, etc avoid all free sugar and add fiber supplementd like Fenufiber.Diet is the corner stone in managins diabeties. Reduce weight, and stress.

  • Fiber rich food like green vegetables,green gram ,black gram (nuts with cover)should be taken

    Low salt,less oil & low protein diet.Walking for at least 45 minutes is very important

  • exactly.this is what we all should do to keep healthy.thanks.

  • Dear Dushyant, Sorry to find the status as reported by you. Yours is not the case of a few persons but lakhs and lakhs of confused Indians (I also belong to that category). I have been going through various stages but have kept myself reasonably informed and reasonably as per allopathic medical advice. Never exclusively on Nature/Aurvedic advice.

    First the doctor will always ask whether your diabetes is under control. Your saying yes, starts you on a wrong track. Pl visit a diabologist and seek his/her guidance. It costs but does not put you on wrong track. Rest next.

  • Hello dushyant, from the information you have posted, thickened blood is nothing to take lightly. Please read this and evaluate it for yourself... here is the report; it is FREE!

    I welcome hearing back from you on this. God bless your brother and God bless you for caring for him.


  • Even thin enough blood causes heart pain if the arteries have blockage or are restricted. Thinning the blood often is not the answer! The dietary culprit causing coronary issue often is carbohydrate.

  • Yes, Meetu77. Many oils perceived to be heart friendly may not be as friendly! LCHF is healthy for both heart and blood glucose level.

  • Please email the recent reports on :

  • Dear Dushyant,

    i have read your brothers dibocardiac problems. first of all give some details about age, disease history means how long he is suffering from these diseases? i hope hopeful & permanent cure will be found in herbal bio technology.which are highly effective and result oriented products.

  • Best diet would be LCHF diet. If you have doubts about fat then some part os SAFA can be replaced with MUFA. Limit intake of PUFA as high amounts can cause inflammation. Don't be bothered about dietary cholesterol. It does not affect serum cholesterol. And cholesterol itself is not the cause for CHD.

    What is his lipid profile? BS levels? Is there any testing done about advanced cardiac markers?

  • Lot of peoples have relief by using Moringa try once

  • Kindly let me know the serum Lipid Profile of the patient. As you had mentioned that his blood is thicker, I sure that His Triglyceride must be very high. High Triglyceride can not be reduced with LCHF diet or even by Statin.

    The moment Dr recommends, angiography, I am sure that dr had already made up his mind for stent. Before going for angio, let him test for TMT (Tread Mill Test), to ascertain, if at all angio is required.

  • what is a TMT and were it is done..

  • TMT is non-invasive test done externally, and we can come out of it easily with out getting our-self to trouble. If patient fails in TMT then patient can be referred to angio.

    Since patient is normal now and not showing any indication of coronary blockage, we can definitley come out of problem.

    Kindly provide, Lipid profile.

    None of the medicos prescribe this simple test because medicos are always look for expensive treatments. Leaving head catching the Tail.

  • What us a TMT were it is done

  • What us a TMT were it is done

  • What us a TMT were it is done

  • The Dr. might have recommended Ecosporin AV(for pain and cholestrol) and Nitrocontin(dilution of blood).Since cardiac problem started control blood sugar in limit and switch over to LCHF.If any clot or clots found in Angiogram Dr. will recommend angioplasty.

  • Along with reducing carbs increase food rich in fibres.

  • Hi Dushyant, I am not very far from you, it seems. Maybe I am late to respond as I do not visit the forum regularly now. Maybe you can inbox me a message with your number & maybe I am able to guide you to better facilities. I have complications far more serious than you have described.

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