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Swami Vivekanad...a Militant Yogi...

Who preached peace at Parliament of Religions in Chicago..... exactly 100 year prior to attack on Twin towers...

Here is one nice story which I would like to share with you all...

Swami Vivekananda enjoyed the sea voyage back to India, relaxing from his strenuous activities in the West. But his mind was full of ideas regarding his future plan of work in his motherland.

There were on the boat, among other passengers, two Britishers who, in the course of a heated discussion with the Swami, lost their tempers and savagely criticized the Hindu religion. The Swami walked to one of them, seized him by the collar, and said menacingly, 'If you abuse my religion again, I will throw you overboard.'

And why did Yogi and such highly spiritual person reacted so strongly....

Look at this post by one member

This member is habitual of insulting Indian culture and unwanted aggression towards any one talking about Ayurveda...never understood principles of Ayurveda...

His knowledge about Ayurveda is limited only to cow urine....

This is very disgusting....

I Reacted strongly against his is more disturbing that he already insulted Indian on his facebook post...and proudly flaunting same here...may be to derive some sadistic pleasure out of his act...

In PM I received many messages...some telling me not to be touchy and sentimental...

some were advising me to ignore such insults....

But will this suffice the purpose????

World always thinks that India is soft state....and any one can make fun of Indian culture....and they will always say forget....

How long this attitude will continue??

How long world will keep us treating as soft target????

@anup Shashikantiyengar shrisamarth jingale karch Ashka9 suramo arunkumar ragivrao

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110 Replies

  • I wish MikePollard to come forward and clear his stance on this issue.....

    Let us discuss here and find out the truth.....

    Let all members know what is really in your mind....

  • It is very sad that in order to maintain good atmosphere in forum... I came forward 2 steps ahead....

    I one sided apologized mike for misunderstanding....Now it is his duty to prove that it was misunderstanding.

    But sad.....he is not responding....I am sure being Indian...all our moderators are expecting same.

    If that doesn't happen ball is in their sure they will take strict action and inform all forum members about action taken.....

  • ragivrao

    The post from Activity2004 that you have referenced above is ONLY for "First Post" on forum by a member and has nothing to do with other posts.

    WRT PM sent, the admin was also included and you have been replied to by her, and there's absolutely nothing pungent there. Any complains based on perception of bias will have to be taken over PM. No, such things don't happen in public glare on any forum.

    Also, if anyone gets a restriction or a ban, it's never posted as any announcement on forums.

  • Thank you for the explanation!

  • Hi all,

    Good morning here in India.

    Nothing better than to speak about my homeland to start the day today.

    See, if the world is treating us as soft target, we do not have to worry at all. We can't leave our TRUE NATURE just because somebody else is at fault.

    British had ruled India for about 200 years if I am not wrong. Even after leaving India, they didn't spare India and applied DIVIDE AND RULE policy to create permanent enemy of India by dividing India into Pakistan and Bangladesh. As everybody knows, India, in it's history, never invaded any country. So, India will ever remain soft and not aggressive. See our dealing with Pakistan. So horrible situation in Jammu and Kashmir due to terrorists which are fostered by Pakistan and financed by all Muslim supported by ISIS.

    Our spiritual base has taught us to be positive and treat fellow humans around the world in the best way possible. These kind of spirituality arises from HINDU religion only. Otherwise, see in the WEST, all Christians and Muslims run after POWER to RULE THE WORLD. Too much ambition they have to do atrocities to other weaker countries. WEST is the reason of WARS always.

    All spiritual GURUS around the world preach the same thing.

    However, attitude of the world towards India would change for the better because India is going to be SUPERPOWER if I predict right, in future. Not sure though exactly when. Even zero and one, which is the base of mathematics, science and computer was invented by an Indian Brahmagupta. Indians, however, are more Intelligent and Intellectual compared to others. See, the flow of scientists, engineers and doctors from India to abroad. The western world cannot do without the technical superiority as well as spirituality of Indians.

    Wisdom is obtained by strong spiritual base in life. Wisdom gives us all how to treat others and show tolerance towards other cultures. Religion gives us direction in life. All religions. I have read Bible also. I have read books by American Authors also.

    Life is too short to brood over one thing i.e target Indians. People around the world should see their own SELF first, then their HOME, then their SOCIETY, then their RELIGION, then their COUNTRY...instead of letting down other cultures or societies or communities.


  • "British had ruled India for about 200 years if I am not wrong." :)

    "As everybody knows, India, in it's history, never invaded any country." :)

  • Well said.

  • cure

    Let bygones be bygones and start with a clean slate. But, for this to work, both sides have to carry this "bygones be bygones" attitude.

    Here you will find there's a history of Indians insulting Indians, not even sparing ladies. They never followed Swami Vivekanand while they were doing this then. Even you were not spared by them. Do you remember?

    So, IMHO, let bygones be bygones.


    If you have problems with administrators and volunteers, take it up over PM and not here. If one just tries to keep needling and keep doing it forever, unfortunately things will not improve. One needs to realize that being judgmental about others here is where the real problem has been.

    New Zealand based user was again Indian insulting Indians.

  • Let bygones be bygones and start with a clean slate

    ok @anup bhai.

    Let mike say and accpt here in forum that he respects indian culture nd never meant to insult....

    I will say sorry to him here openly....

    let slate be clean....

  • cure

    Buddy, we are grown up.

    My philosophy in life has been never say sorry. But, if I realize that something/some words/ some action of mine has driven me to that state where sorry is warranted, I still never say sorry but I make sure I don't repeat that action/words/some thing -- actions speak louder than words.

    That's my way of letting bygones be bygones. Just my way and it has worked :)

    But yes, no culture no religious beliefs should be demeaned.

  • wonderful.... great.... but sure some one can show the respect....and saying that not shameful....

    If some one is not doing that...what it shows???

  • If you ask me with just me in picture, if I repeat the same mistakes despite not saying sorry when I realized that the situation warranted, then I carry and am acting out of malice/hate/jealousy/whatever. That's my interpretation on why I don't say sorry ever.

    I wish everyone here followed Swami Vivkenand's philosophy also while they were incessantly needling even ladies. Indian culture was forgotten while they were doing this as Indians against Indians.

    "Character is repeated habits, and repeated habits alone can reform character. "

    Swami Vivekanand.

  • ok.... but showing respect and expressing respect after some misunderstanding should notbe shameful

  • Sure, as long as actions speak louder than words.

    I have been needled by many guys and gals here and needled in a manner where people even teamed up. At the end of the day what was anyone's gain by needling me and others who they were always spiteful against? And, remember, they were Indians insulting Indians on an Indian forum, not even sparing the Indian ladies.

    Struggle, struggle, was my motto for the last ten years. Struggle, still say I. When it was all dark, I used to say, struggle; when light is breaking in, I still say, struggle. Be not afraid, my children

    Swami Vivekanand.

  • ok let us hear now from Dear Mike

  • ragivrao

    All old volunteers and administrators have stopped coming to forum since a long long time, and that is one reason why the forum was appearing to be unmanaged sort of. I am sure you would know this from their date of posting.

    On favoritism Activity2004 will be the right person to answer as she is the one who takes the call on ban/restrict/warn.

    Normally on all forums, all such communications are taken on PM instead of trying to belittle admins and volunteers with personal perceptions. Not the right way to get things across even if one feels there is some unfair treatment.

    As for me showing favoritism to anyone, it's a baseless allegation. I never indulge in these type of "You Vs Me" discussions.

    I have sent you PM and added @Activity2004 in the same PM thread too.

  • should we expect to hear from our dear friend @anup??

  • I am unaware of what he would do cure

  • but if he doesn't......then things are very clear i guess....

  • I don't pass judgments on open forum against anyone, though people have made wild allegations against me, even in this thread :(

  • hmmmm

    but anup ball in his court.... he should clear (mis)understanding.

  • If I say something one of the members here will perceive wrongly as favoritism. I have opened a PM thread with ragivrao where Activity2004 is included on his baseless allegation of favoritism in this thread.

    If one pokes someone there are three outcomes:

    (1) Start Poking back and enter into endless cycle of to and fro attacks and then start playing report to admin games that have become so popular here.

    (2) Take it over PM and settle the issue and close the chapter.

    (3) Ignore. Insults on web don't stick. I have been insulted countless times but none of it stuck on me.

    These are just my thoughts.

  • personal insult and making fun of your culture are two different things @anup

  • Shall we discuss this on PM?

    First we have to set and example that Indians don't insult Indians here, and you are aware of everything. Don't you agree? I would not want to open a can of worms on forum :(

  • क्षमा, दया, तप, त्याग, मनोबल

    सबका लिया सहारा

    पर नर व्याघ्र सुयोधन तुमसे

    कहो, कहाँ, कब हारा?

    क्षमाशील हो रिपु-समक्ष

    तुम हुये विनत जितना ही

    दुष्ट कौरवों ने तुमको

    कायर समझा उतना ही।

    अत्याचार सहन करने का

    कुफल यही होता है

    पौरुष का आतंक मनुज

    कोमल होकर खोता है।

    क्षमा शोभती उस भुजंग को

    जिसके पास गरल हो

    उसको क्या जो दंतहीन

    विषरहित, विनीत, सरल हो।

    तीन दिवस तक पंथ मांगते

    रघुपति सिन्धु किनारे,

    बैठे पढ़ते रहे छन्द

    अनुनय के प्यारे-प्यारे।

    उत्तर में जब एक नाद भी

    उठा नहीं सागर से

    उठी अधीर धधक पौरुष की

    आग राम के शर से।

    सिन्धु देह धर त्राहि-त्राहि

    करता आ गिरा शरण में

    चरण पूज दासता ग्रहण की

    बँधा मूढ़ बन्धन में।

    सच पूछो, तो शर में ही

    बसती है दीप्ति विनय की

    सन्धि-वचन संपूज्य उसी का

    जिसमें शक्ति विजय की।

    सहनशीलता, क्षमा, दया को

    तभी पूजता जग है

    बल का दर्प चमकता उसके

    पीछे जब जगमग है।

    .....रामधारी सिंह "दिनकर"

  • cure


    How I see is:

    This forum is meant to provide some guidance to those who come here with some diabetes control issues by those who can offer some support or advise

    Here we do know some dietary measures which can help some troubled diabetic which mike has been doing

    At the same time he is against "cow urine" therapy which he is vocal about

    I am sure that we all agree that even we all are not really sure about this therapy

    And now not only in India but world over many unscrupulous persons are just waiting to fleece diabetics thru various so called "cures"

    Fake ayurveda manufacturers, cow urine therpahy, acupressure, acupuncture sujok, colour therapy etc etc etc

    Yes.. Mike always among other things points out to cow urine therapy. But is his intention is to insult us..?

    He is also vocal about ADA.. so he is also against all the diabetic association who advocate high carb even if it's from his native land

    So basically MikePollard is against all those remedies which intends to keep a diabetic as a diabetic life long or thy to fleece the diabetic

    He is vocal about cow urine as much as he is vocal about ADA

    I believe that certain people would only be happy to have him banned just because he advocates LCHF

    I don't agree to this stand.

    I would suggest to all to spend energy in finding solutions as well as helping others.

  • I have always said share your diet, share your life style and guide others.

  • should we expect reply from Mike @anup Shashikantiyengar

  • Honestly - Yes.

  • Internal enemies like roque etc are much more dangerous that external ones

    Just like it's happening around in this nation which we all can clearly see


    Lots of energy is spent to thinking about mike than thinking about our objective.. "to find a cure for diabetes"

    24-48 hrs already lost on this issue

  • Shashikantiyengar exactly..... I accept this is my (mis)understanding about very high intentions of Mike....

    So I just expect him to clear things and say he respects Indian culture...and his intention was very clear.....

    I think being Indian you will also expect same....

  • MikePollard

    Why not clear up here

  • Let us hope to hear from him....

    and once again.... If he doesn't.....get us clear about his high intention....

  • There is no cure for diabetes. (DON'T BANG YOUR HEAD ON WALL UNNECESSARILY FOR IMPOSSIBLE) Everybody knows that very well. Everybody comes here on this forum for ways to better manage their diabetes. Only allopathic medicines or LCHF diet is not enough for sustainable health. We all try our home remedies, nutritional supplements, herbs to manage our multiple problems. Ayurveda is a science and if we discuss Ayurveda as one of the means to control our symptoms to lower blood sugar levels, that practice should not be called as NONSENSE as the GREAT MikePollard said in one of his posts which aggravated the discussion leading to him again saying that Ayurveda is our cultural practice and it is not valid according to him. He doesn't have any right to let down our cultural practice or our own Ayurvedic Medicine system because he is not aware of it's results which cures the root cause of the diseases than simply cure the symptom of diseases as Western Medicine system does.


    Don't say about Indian insulting Indians or you got insulted on this forum when somebody from OUTSIDE is letting us down. Stay UNITED as INDIANS please! This is one trait which some of the Indians especially lack!!!!!!!!


    If @Mikepollard is against any remedies which keeps diabetic lifelong diabetic, that remedies do not necessarily means Indian cultural remedies are not effective and he needs to fleece diabetics from it...what nonsense it is? Nobody should try to demean Indian cultural practice or our ancient Ayurvedic system which we all believe and follow. Talking about fake Ayurvedic Manufacturers or cow's urine...or acupuncture etc... is not at all intellectual discussion or a valid argument. It shows THE SHALLOWNESS of the person who makes such stupid comments about negative aspects of our medicine system instead of gaining something substantial from our cultural practice or ancient Ayurvedic Medicine system which can help all manage their diabetes well.


    Why you needed to apologize MikePollard and for what? Our reaction should be strong and nobody else has any right to let down us Indians always. If you have taken any stand on an issue, stay upto it. Just because people who don't feel for their culture, religion, or fellow Indians and instead try to patch up in favor of a foreigner, you don't have to give up your self-respect!!!!!!


  • let all members know truth.....even Shashikantiyengar and anup both tried to seek his response .....

    let them know who they are defending.

  • Ashka9

    We are all adults here and I still maintain, first Indians should start respecting Indians to set an example. What sort of Unity is this where Indians insult Indians? I don't try and base my thinking by trying to stirring up any emotions. Sorry to say that I don't buy such brand of Unity or thinking. I have said it in this thread -- No culture or religion should be demeaned. Yes I stand by it, demeaned in any way even by playing the games of "My Daddy Strongest".

    I think you mentioned ISIS somewhere. They also stir up emotions to achieve what they are trying to achieve. Will they achieve what they want to?

    We can always say what we want to say by keeping emotional angle at bay.

    cure I am not defending anyone :)

  • Dear Mr. Anup,

    Only Logical way of thinking without emotions is not applicable everywhere..there has to be some emotional quotient also to have the ability to think and feel for others as well.

    Our internal problems within Indians Vs Indians should not be presented or mentioned everytime when somebody else is letting down our culture and our ancient time tested ayurvedic medicine system. Now don't say Karela (bitter gourd) or cinnamon powder or fenugreek seeds do not help maintain blood sugar levels!:-)

    I know you don't believe in culture or religion or society, but we all are connected to each other as humans and also as Indians we can understand each other better....we know our dietary habits, which is very different from Western diet. You are taking you believe in Ayurveda atleast to some extent? No? So, then why not defend our medicine system instead of just complicating things saying set an example first and all that.

    Anyway, I know you and Shashikantiyengar both trying to be diplomatic! Is it a part of your duty as volunteers of this forum?

  • Anyway, I know you and Shashikantiyengar both trying to be diplomatic! Is it a part of your duty as volunteers of this forum?

    This is what really sets the base for incessant arguments -- being judgmental about others. I would never pass judgment on you or anyone on forum nor ask any such questions knowing very well that it can lead to verbal spat.

    You are taking you believe in Ayurveda atleast to some extent? No? So, then why not defend our medicine system instead of just complicating things saying set an example first and all that.

    Perhaps you should read my replies please in detail:

    I wasn't even a Volunteer back then. So, my style is consistent. I don't believe in replying based on emotions and try to bring in "My Daddy's Strongest" angle into replies.

    Yes, just because Ashvagnadha worked/works for me and many others it doesn't mean that I start defending every churan in market based on emotions. 6 other herbs failed on me too. Failed when I look at meter readings.

    There's no complication when I say Indians should stop insulting Indians first.

  • I give up again, today, Mr. Anup! I am not talking about any churan...I am talking about our reliable ancient medicine system. Don't try to highlight the negative aspect of our Indian culture or medicine system infront of foreigners...instead make them aware of how it is useful to overall well-being of a person.

    You don't believe in emotions at all? Emotions only drive our lives. EQ is more important than IQ. Have you read Daniel Goleman's book "Emotional Intelligence"? I have read it. A must read for you.:-)

  • Ashka9

    Handling emotions isn't cakewalk. That's why so many global troubles. Emotions also drives ISIS and LeT too.

    All Churans in market are also sourcing their information from same source isn't it? Same set of gymnema, fenugreek, karela, jamun, tejpatta, giloy etc mixed in different proportions.

    Have you read I AM OK YOU ARE OK by Dr Thomas Harris and Games People Play by Dr Eric Berne?

  • Arre...bhai....! How come terrorists come into play here? forget it...

    Karela have this property of reducing blood sugar level. and lot of other herbs and spices as well. You just have to find a reliable brand or manufacturer. Similarly, for an allopathic medicines as well...there are duplicate allopathic medicines in the market also. Why you didn't talk about that? What about cheaper GENERIC medicines after patent expires? Are they all reliable? Cheaper allopathic medicines contains cheaper low quality fillers which damages our health in long run. Don't you know that?

  • Arre...bhai....! How come terrorists come into play here? forget it...

    While talking about "Emotions".

    On Herbs

    I have tried lot of herbs from Himalaya and I mostly discuss from what I have done. Karela, Giloy, Meshshringhi, Methi nothing worked and that's why I changed to LCHF.

    Diabeocn/ Diabecon DS -- from Himalaya (80+ years existence on planet earth) -- also doesn't work too, just like IME-9 BGR-34 etc etc as evident from many who tried and dumped it.

  • There are two approaches to get treated with Ayurveda....

    1- Understand root cause of problem...and treat the same.

    2- is like just gobbling any herb which is said suitable to the condition....

    First of all we should know and understand cause of condition....then help our body to over come the same with help of herbs...

  • Between @anup bhai... the original post of mike is not seen it deleted???

  • Which one? The link that I posted in my reply above is still there.

  • shrisamarth

    Swami Vanarvaidyaki word made u smile??


  • :D

  • ,P don't read avoid him

    He is fake

    Mike is misguiding us

    Boycott him

  • Everyone has to learn to get along and work together-- not against each other, bijoy.

  • MikePollard used to insult Ayurveda in strong words many times and we ignored his comments many times ...but by this post cure has proved that ignoring doesn't mean "feeling timid" ...It means that " I dont care what you say" ...but how many times ?????

    That was a good step to start this thread ..."saying out loud that everyone listens :)" ...

  • Enough is enough..... This member is really disturbing to Indian community by his sarcastic remarks....

    I request moderators to take proper action against this person to enter and insult Indian culture and get some sadistic pleasure out of agonies and pains of we Indians....... in order to improve friendly and supportive environment of forum...

  • I'll say one thing, and one thing only.

    It's NOT about the culture, it's about the medicine!

  • So do you respect Indian culture....which includes....Indian Medical system which always attack without knowing ABCD of the same???

    Further look at this link....

    Do you really think this is to maintain friendly environment of forum???

  • No more fighting. I want things to be changed for the better. Everyone needs to get along with each other.

  • I one sided apologized him....for with open heart he should say he respects Indian culture....

    And fight will be over....

  • In other post he insulted me...but that was personal....I never bothered to report same....

    And when this is Indian forum....and therefore expected that he need to restrain himself and behave in controlled manner.

  • I understand, but this has to stop.

  • I already apologized....that was yesterday....

    Now I expect same type of open heart from him....

    Am I asking too much???

  • Ok.... no probs if he is so adamant .......I request all three Indian openly warn him for his misbehavior....and improve in future....

    And we will close this chapter forever....

  • I know cure and MikePollard are good for each other.In the past,they have made many useful discussions in the forum as both are knowledgeable.I hope they will come out of mutual confusions very soon and will arrive at a discussion useful for the learners.

  • Oh yeah.... alwaysoptimistic I never reported for my personal insult by Mike...

    But when it come to my culture....I always remember lines from my school....

    अग्रतः चतुरो वेदाः पृष्ठतः सशरं धनुः ।

    इदं ब्राह्मं इदं क्षात्रं शापादपि शरादपि ।।

  • But he ( MikePollard) is saying above that it is not about culture and is about medicine only.I think there is no confusion now.So,you ( cure ),please leave it!

  • no twisting and playing with words.... let him come out simply.....

    This is least expected from some one who enters in your group that he respects you values....

  • sorry dude.... alwaysoptimistic there is direct insult hurled to me by this same guy....

    And when I openly said what he is.... he reported me.....

    Such person should not escape unharmed....

    This will become a practice....

    So far ..this happened for many centuries....

    Instead of warning all are trying to calm me down....


    I will not respond any more on this issue.... and I am deleting my reply apologizing him....

    Once again you proved what world says...

    Thank you friends....

  • Do you want to know his views?

  • why you talk on his behalf??? let him come and discuss...does he have guts to discuss issue openly???

  • I am not talking on his behalf.I am talking to you just like a forum member.Probably,he does not want further argument and he is silent.

  • because he does not have answer....and he knows indians....

    He is fully aware about how they behave in such situation.....

    Infact his this action is very predictable....

  • no twisting and playing with words....

    Thank you,cure for your quick understating!I expect that you will bring out soon something very useful for us i.e. for diabetic people.

    This is least expected from some one who enters in your group that he respects you values....

    I hope that MikePollard will take care of it,in the future.

  • Bas dikha diya ......kya yar..... I have not finished yet.....

  • what happened to you???? don't u have any pride???

    Kya ho gaya hai tum logo ko???

  • what happened to you?

    Nothing,cure !Every thing is OK!

    don't u have any pride?

    Yes,I am proud to be.But I do not want you and him to waste energy any more.

  • Ok.... thats good....why I am wasting energy????

    For nothing????

    Why no guts to tell him what he is doing is bad and he should improve and show us what is REAL BRITISH GENTLEMAN....

    But isn't this sad.... that you are trying to explain something on his behalf???

  • Not on his behalf but only as a forum member.

  • Stand up dude stand proud Indians....whatever we have its ours.... no one else got right to talk and make fun of us....

    Have guts to talk about such things....

    Look this is just forum.... not life.....what maximum can happen??? you will be deleted....

    Look at those brave soldiers... they lay there life....just for pride of Tiranga.....

    come on dude....

  • cure ,cool down please!

  • how do u expect me to cool down dude????

    and for what???

    No reason..... don't know the mind set behind all this fun.......and why I am disturbed.....

    I have much interaction with all such ppl.....

    his each action and reaction is very predictable....

    you can read my comment on this long back on complete herbal my remark

  • how do u expect me to cool down dude????

    and for what???

    Simply,because you are a gentleman!

  • Dude.... Arya Chankya said 'Shatham prati shathyam'

    When some one is not nice.... being nice to him is your weakens....

    That is not gentleman... he is treated foolish.... read that poem....

    रघुपति सिन्धु किनारे,

    बैठे पढ़ते रहे छन्द

    अनुनय के प्यारे-प्यारे।

    उत्तर में जब एक नाद भी

    उठा नहीं सागर से

    उठी अधीर धधक पौरुष की

    आग राम के शर से।

    सिन्धु देह धर त्राहि-त्राहि

    करता आ गिरा शरण में

    even Bhagwan Ram ko bhi usika shahhara lene pada.....

  • Relax, cure ! Have peace of mind!!We diabetic people must avoid stress as far as possible.

  • मऊ मेणाहुनी आम्ही विष्णुदास।

    कठीण वज्रास भेदूं ऐसे।

    भले तरी देऊ कासेची लंगोटी।

    नाठाळाचे माथी हाणू काठी।

    संत तुकाराम महाराज

    here is few nice lines from 16th century Saint from Maharashtra....

    This means....we are softer than butter... but when time requires... we are harder than Vajra(the weapon of Indra)

    If required we will give him everything...even last cloth on our body... but if he acts sure will will break his head.....

  • Agree!But you please cool down.

  • Ok.... Am I expecting lot???? He is worth to be restricted....But mercy....and if he agrees to behave....just warn him....

  • Thank you, cure !

    I wish to see you having useful and polite discussion with MikePollard as before.

  • Only after warning to him......

    expecting warning form all volunteers....

  • and let him understand....this is just mercy that we are talking to rude person like him.....

    he is not fun.....

  • Not me....but many members...(oh yeah LCHF follower also)are disturbed....

  • Thanx dude....

    after all this episode I am sure he will feel ashamed to enter in this forum..


  • kotumakadu

    Mind sharing details about your diabetes history, dietary habits, medications and the medical reports like FBS/PPBS/A1C/LIPIDS/KFT/LFT/Thyroid?

    Unfortunately we haven't had these details in your first post here on forum.

  • Peace,peace and peace,please!

  • Bhai alwaysoptimistic

    ek labz toh nikalo uske liye....

    Kya sab hamko hi sikhaoge???

    kabhi toh apne dil pe hath rakkho??? hame andaz hai ke wo dhadkata bhi hoga....khoon mein garmi bhi hogi....itne toh budhe nahi huwe ki khoon garam hi na rahe....

  • cure ,Let MikePollard to have peace of mind!Cool down man!!

    We have to win over diabetes and not to fight with each other.

  • Bhai log....diabetes huwa toh kya huwa??? suagr hi badh gayi na???

    Khoon ki garmi toh khatam nahi huwyi????

    Bhai mere....wohi app ke ghar ke baju mein....Buradi ghat.../Shukratal...(Mujaffarnagar mein....

    Dattaji shinde.... mundi katne se pahale kaha tha....

    Jab pucha...'kyo patel aur bhi ladnge??? usne kaha....ha bachnege toh aur ladenge..'

    Keep that fighting spirit....


    He was a Maratha military general who was given the command of Punjab during the Afghan-Maratha Conflicts over the regions of North India in 1758-59.

    Dattaji was defeated and killed in battle with Afghans at Barari Ghat (Buradi ghat), on the plains of Rudhir, near Delhi on 10 January 1760. Dattaji was known to be a terrific warrior and brave hearted. In the battle field when he was severely wounded & pinned on ground, Najibjang Rohila asked "क्या पटेल और लडोंगे ?" (Do you still want to fight Dattaji?) He replied to Najibjang Rohila before he beheaded him "हा बचेंगे तो और भी लडेंगे" (Yes, if I live I'll continue fighting).[2]

  • And why did dattaji traveled all the way to Mujjafar nagar....

    1000 miles away from his home town????

    why did Marathas fought on Panipat??? 2000 miles away from home???and laid life????

    What was the reason???

    They were always in peace....away from friction....

    alwaysoptimistic If we go on saying peace all the time.......then it is misfortune of ourmother land and culture...

  • cure ,relax please!

  • रणभूमिपर घावोंसे व्याकुल होकर दत्ताजी शिंदे मृत्युशय्यापर उलटे पडे हैं । ‘बचेंगे तो और भी लडेंगे ।’ मृत्यु समक्ष दिखते हुए भी वह नजीबखानको फटकारते हैं । ‘हतो का प्राप्यसि स्वर्गं जित्वा का भोक्ष्यसे महीम्’ ।, अर्थात लडते हुए वीरगतिको प्राप्त हुआ, तो स्वर्ग मिलेगा तथा युद्धमें विजयी हुआ तो पृथ्वीका स्वामी होगा । यही क्षात्रधर्म है ! वीरवृत्ति, निर्भयता, अभिमान अर्थात दत्ताजी शिंदे ! वह अभिमानसे कहते हैं कि क्षत्रिय स्वधर्म यह है कि युद्धमें विमुख नहीं होना चाहिए । रण छोडकर भागनेसे दोनों लोकमें वंचित रहना पडता है । इधर नरकसाधन, तो उधर असफलता प्राप्त होती है जो मृत्युसे भी निरर्थक है । इसमें मरते ही स्वर्गप्राप्ति होती है, जो उत्तम है

  • क्या लोग थे वो दीवाने

    क्या लोग थे वो अभिमानी

    जो शहीद हुए हैं उनकी

    ज़रा याद करो क़ुरबानी

    तुम भूल न जाओ उनको

    इस लिये कही ये कहानी

    जो शहीद हुए हैं उनकी

    ज़रा याद करो क़ुरबानी

  • और आज ये आलम है... के किचड उच्चालने वालों से यारी कि बात कि जा राही है

    शांती का समझोता तो हमारे खून में हमारे बसा है...

    कब तक शांती कि वार्ता करोगे??

    क्या ये शांती हमारे कायरता का दुसरा रूप है??

    क्या हमारे खून कि गरमी इतनी कम हुवी कि हमे कोई ऐरा गैरा नत्थू खैरा लाथमार के चला जाये??

  • Unfortunately, none of moderator/admin actions will ever be disclosed on forum.

  • ok....but as forum member is it wrong on your part to even not to make simple 'uff' against such activities???

    क्लैब्यम्, मा, स्म, गमः, पार्थ, न, एतत्, त्वयि, उपपद्यते,

    क्षुद्रम् हृदयदौर्बल्यम्, त्यक्त्वा, उत्तिष्ठ, परन्तप।।3।।

    श्रीमद भगवद गीता-अध्याय 2 : श्लोक 3

    Translation :

    (इस लिए) हे पार्थ ! नपुसंकताको मत प्राप्त हो, तुझमें यह उत्पन्न मत होने दे ! हे परंतप ! हृदयकी तुच्छ दुर्बलताको त्यागकर खडा हो जा । ३

    alwaysoptimistic @anup Shashikantiyengar karch Ashka9 jingale suramo

    I have said enough ....what I wanted to say....

    Now ball is in your court.....

    Hope mike will learn lesson from this episode and never visit this forum where ppl don't like him.(most of members here look him as trouble maker)

    However hope everyone will follow Shrimad Bhagwatgeeta.

  • Thank you @anup bhai Thank you Shashikantiyengar thank you shrisamarth Thank you alwaysoptimistic and all those Indian members who stood by me in such time and supported me....

    I feel very sorry...if in spur of anger I hurted or uttered any hurting words to any of my brother....

    I din meant anything it was just my anger....I am requesting all my brothers to accept my words...and hope they will pardon me ...

    Thank you everyone......

  • Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.

    Mahatma Gandhi

  • very true Bhai....But kya kare...genetically we are warriors...and anger is the strength giver for warrior …..

    Plz you will understand my feelings….

    Thank you once again for the support.

  • alwaysoptimistic do u still want to enjoy him sadistic pleasure by disturbing Indians????

    Great national feeling....


  • No way and never!

    But just think what you will get as return of this fight?

  • I will establish...that there are ppl here in thos forum...who got some bones...and any TOM DICK and HARRY can not just walk in make fun of Indians....

    Have some guts.... stand up dude..stand up.... open your eyes.... have some bones....

  • Thank you for saying this, alwaysoptimistic.

  • It is my pleasure,Administrator!

  • kotumakadu rightly said.... whining in vain.....disgusting......

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