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Low Hba1c but High PPS

Dear All

Pls comment on my Blood Sugar Test Report

FBS 5.1

PPS (OGTT) 1 hr 12.5 , 2Hr 10.7

Hba1c: 4.9

Why normal FSB, low in Hba1c but high PPS

Pls advise

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What is your PPBS value after regular meals?


The above reading is recorded on 25 Oct 14 in a hospital

On 18 Jan 15, I ate a bowl of Long Wheat grain (Raw in 57g) as breakfast after more than 8 hours empty stomach. The reading after 1 hr 50 mins is at 90

is this PPBS value is good or not under this amount of Long wheat diet?

Is this PPBS value is valuable to assess my BS system



"The reading after 1 hr 50 mins is at 90"

If you are getting these readings regularly then don't bother about GTT test though readings are high. We don't consume any food similar to 75gm glucose on daily basis.

One can say you have some dysfunction at beta cells level or you have insulin resistance.

Can you consume LW in flour form without much impact on BS or any other food item with similar amount of carbs?


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Hi nanjappan,

Name of Long Wheat in Tamil are Samba/Chamba/Thuusi/Oosi Goothumai. Please ask for those. For names in some other languages please look at appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Name in different languages


It could also mean, that you are able to control your BS level very well(By eating very carefully and in controlled manner), but OGTT results shows that so much glucose is still not being handled properly.


It is possible. Your control on blood sugar is good for a good period of time and your FBS is also good, but you may have take care of your post lunch BS needs control. Please cut down on your lunch carbohydrates and try to take your medicines before lunch.

SM Krishna


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HBA1C below 7 is quite good.


Hi Meetu

This is my blood test result by home meter

12 Feb 15 - FBS - Reading 88 (after more than 8 hr empty stomach in the morning)

16 Feb 15 - Random testing - Reading 81 (a slice of wholemeal bread (size 6 inches x half inches thick) with a slice of cheese after 3 hrs)

28 Feb 15 - PPS - Reading 97 (Lunch with a piece of salmon steak, 2 piece of pork chops, 1 bowl of vegetable and a slice of wholemeal bread with a slice of cheese) after 1 hr 40 mins

The bread was ate at the end of my lunch

I am not anemia, as I checked the whole picture of blood at that moment when my Hba1c was 4.9 on 25 Oct 14

Is it a good reading of PPBS?


Hi Eddy,

If what I understood is correct, the low readings of FBS & HbA1c & high PPBS are recorded on 25 Oct '14.

On 18 Jan '15, breakfast was after more than 8 hours empty stomach & the reading after 1 hr 50 mins is at 90mg/dl.

So in nearly three months,

FBS 5.1 (91.8 mg/dl),

PPBS (OGTT) 1 hr 12.5 (225 mg/dl),

PPBS (OGTT) 2Hr 10.7 (192.6 mg/dl) &

Hba1c: 4.9

improved to PPBS reading after 1 hr 50 mins as 90 mg/dl with a bowl of Long Wheat grain (Raw in 57g) as breakfast after more than 8 hours empty stomach on 18 Jan '15.

I feel this is a great progress.

With regard to the readings of 25 Oct '14, as shrisamarth told "one can say you had some dysfunction at beta cells level or you had insulin resistance". Result of 18 Jan '15 indicate that those problems have vanished or at least are reduced to an insignificant level.

With normal diet control, exercise, food swapping with low GI items, oral chemical drugs, Insulin injection etc the condition of a diabetic patient can be brought down ONLY to the level of 25 Oct '14 and NOT to the level of 18 Jan '15. This is what is felt by me.


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