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recently i have taken blood test for pp on 24/9/2015. it was 132. again on 30/9/2015 and the result is 201. again on 01/10/2015 the result was 126. i have taken these tests in three different labs. why there is such a variation? which reading i must take into account? this is the first time the reading shows a high of 201. i don"t take any medicines so far for diabetes. i am 79+. can any one clear my doubts?

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Dear medico76 ,PPBS depends on the what you have taken in meal.Since these three tests were conducted on three different days and probably,you have taken different meals on those three days so nothing can be said about labs.In order to make correct conclusion,you can go to two labs on the same day,keeping in mind that there can be slight variation in the two reports due to two reasons.One due to technical limitation/error of test method used in labs and other due to time gap,which will occur while giving blood sample at the two labs.As an alternative,you can buy a glucometer to have blood test at home but remember,glucometer readings and lab report readings,in general,slightly differ .


What you ate for a meal will change the pp readings. I am not sure why you tested PP on 3 consecutive days but a proper way to experiment would be to maybe get a glucometer and do the test yourself or do the test at the same lab. Again depending on what you ate for the meal the PP levels could be different.

Have you checked fasting BS? Please do not take any diabetes medicines on your own. Check with your doctor and if your doctor diagnoses that you are a diabetic or prediabetic they will plan a course of action for you.


PPBS should be less than 140 mg/dL. If PPBS is >200 mg/dL continuous,ly, you should consult the doctor. Voglibose will reduce PPBS to a normal level.




Sir, you may have eaten different quality and quantity. Eating limits to be adhered by diabetic is compulsory.


Your two readings 132 and 126 are showing OK and this much variation is permissible between different labs but 201 is not justified assuming that you are maintaining your dietary regime similar during all three tests. If not then you know the answer and hope you not quizzing here but if dietary regime has been similar then report is definitely wrong and you should avoid going to such labs in future.

It may be due to negligence due to following:

1. Some other sample result got entered against your name.

2. The lab is using expired/ exhausted reagents for testing.

3. Their instrument is faulty and has not been sent for calibration check since it was purchased.

4. Sample demarcation and result entry system is faulty or people entrusted with the job are not serious.


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