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What my sugar test says?

I'm 29 m, 106kg 6'4 height. Sorry tests are not consistent. Recently i felt dry mouth so u started to conduct test at home.

09 September

Fast 96

After meal 1:30 hour 140

10 September

Fast 99

After breakfast, 2 paraothe dahi, chole

12:45 101

21 September

After eating One glass milk

1.5 butter sandwich 110

27 September

Before lunch and after 4 hours of breakfast 94.

I recently started exercise and almost half my diet. In pursuit of weight loss.

Should i need to worry?

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To be diagnosed properly you need to see a health professional.


This is not need to worry you your sugar is in control as per your age . But You have to conscious in future to control sugar that should be under it .

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