What my sugar test says?

I'm 29 m, 106kg 6'4 height. Sorry tests are not consistent. Recently i felt dry mouth so u started to conduct test at home.

09 September

Fast 96

After meal 1:30 hour 140

10 September

Fast 99

After breakfast, 2 paraothe dahi, chole

12:45 101

21 September

After eating One glass milk

1.5 butter sandwich 110

27 September

Before lunch and after 4 hours of breakfast 94.

I recently started exercise and almost half my diet. In pursuit of weight loss.

Should i need to worry?

3 Replies

  • If you want to know you are pre-diabetic/diabetic or not then go for HbA1c test. If it is above 5.3, that means you are at the risk. And best will be consullt a diabetologist with the result and also ask him what should be your best body mass index (weight to hight ratio). Whatever, you are at thep risk or not, start healthy leaving, exercise regularly and reduce your weight immediately. Also avoid sugar, fast food, smoking, exceeds food, frequent intake of food, theses will be genuinely be helpful.

  • To be diagnosed properly you need to see a health professional.

  • This is not need to worry you your sugar is in control as per your age . But You have to conscious in future to control sugar that should be under it .

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