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Feeling tired and sleepy although my sugar is under control

Hi everyone,

i am 29 yrs old boy height 168 cms wt 60 kg. Diagnoised with diabetes recently. My FBS is 97 and PPBS is 140 . Despite of these number i am feeling tired and sleepy sometime. Why it is so?

Also my diet was heavy before diagnosis but after diagnoisis my diet becomes very less . Is it a reason behind this scenario?

Need proper guidance.

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Dear Shankarmishra124,Please refer a similar post whose link is given below:



Possibly low T's but at your age highly unlikely... or choose a better diet for your type of activities...!


Low T's means ?


Good to hear that! I am in Vadodara and follow LCHF too. I shall eagerly look forward to your seminars.

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Try exercising, walk, jog, gardening - anything that pumps up your metabolism at least 30 minutes a day.


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