Feeling tired and sleepy although my sugar is under control

Hi everyone,

i am 29 yrs old boy height 168 cms wt 60 kg. Diagnoised with diabetes recently. My FBS is 97 and PPBS is 140 . Despite of these number i am feeling tired and sleepy sometime. Why it is so?

Also my diet was heavy before diagnosis but after diagnoisis my diet becomes very less . Is it a reason behind this scenario?

Need proper guidance.

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  • Dear Shankarmishra124,Please refer a similar post whose link is given below:


  • Possibly low T's but at your age highly unlikely... or choose a better diet for your type of activities...!

  • Low T's means ?

  • Vegetarians can also add good fat in number of ways to hit the 20:20:60 C:P:F :LCHF range. dlife.in is primarily for Indian diet and there are many vegetarian diabetics who have gone off drugs or reduced them drastically and yet attain great blood sugar readings.

  • I agree. I am pure vegetarian (Do not eat eggs also) and I have successfully incorporated and followed LCHF. LCHF is for non-vegetarians is a misguided belief.

  • Another misguided belief is that we on LCHF diet that we follow miss NUTRIENTS and MICRO-NUTRIENTS on LCHF. When asked what we are missing, the proponents of such FALSE theories just prefer to keep SILENT.

    Diabetics on MF tend to have lower Vit B12, but everyone prefers to ignores this when defending drugs as side dish.

  • Good to hear that you will be promoting LCHF when In India. LCHF is the way to go. I am sure that with passage of time Indian diabetics in HUGE numbers will be on LCHF. Bigger the number, better it is. Who cares what the mainstream rants against FAT -- WITHOUT ANY PROOF.

  • Good to hear that! I am in Vadodara and follow LCHF too. I shall eagerly look forward to your seminars.

  • What's your daily diet from morning till going to bed?

  • Try exercising, walk, jog, gardening - anything that pumps up your metabolism at least 30 minutes a day.

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