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Watch out for diet drinks eating out! !!

I went out last night to sing karaoke. I always drink diet coke. This one place I've asked them before top conform I'm getting diet coke. It just didn't taste right. I was told it was an off brand version of diet coke.

This morning I woke up., ate my high fat low carb breakfast, took my sugar reading and it was 168!!!!!

I had been sabatoged again. This simply infuriates me especially since I have my concerns to the establishment before.

After digging around I believe I have found a solution. Gluclose urine strips apparently work in beverage testing. I haven't had a blood sugar this high in 18 weeks and all it took was one pub to screw me up pushing dugar down my throat claiming it was diet coke!!!!

I'm now implementing if I don't treat it, I don't drink it policy...

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Give it up!


No eggs, cheese , butter and bacon don't raise blood sugar.

My normal fasting morning number is between 100 and 135. Waking with a 168 mean the vendor has an issue with his diet dispenser. I'm going to prove it next week and test his diet soda dispenser with glucose test strip.

I have several 1000's of reading in my history and in the last 18 month on lchf diet my range is averaging normal or better.

The good news is that by 9pm I was back into 109 territory after eat brats, hot dogs and hamburgers without the bun.

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What I'm trying to tell you is with my high fat diet it doesn't matter. I can eat high fat and it has a minimal impact on my sugars.

Actually, when I eat high fat it helps lower my blood sugar. Fat is my insulin replacement...

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