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Report on use of LWMDR

My age is 70yrs. I was a bank officer ,due to constant sitting and work tension I became

A diabetic since 1997. Dr. prescribed Glipized/GlimpM2 twice a day .Occasionally BS tests

Were taken in laboratory mostly it used to be normal ,was using medicine. In the year 2013

I purchased J&J one touch simple select Glucometer ,checked BS it was FB178 PPS278 then

I started talking GlimpM2 thrice a day. After it BS level occasionally checked use to be normal

During nov.-dec14 I felt burning sensation in soles of my feet at that time was under medicine

For Depression & Osteoarthritis ,reported to treating Dr. Medicine prescribed no relief .

On 30 april 15 FBS200+PPS300+ 6-5-15 consulted a Diabetic Dr. He prescribed H.Mixtrad30/70,

Insulin morning 30 evening 20 units &AmarylM forte 1mg twice a day ,TelismartH40mg daily 1

(Though bp.was130//80 as I was bp. Patient since 2008) .tab.Nevirin daily 1, cap.Dutas-T1+1

Daily (for burning session ,frequent urine ) Also asked to monitor FBS,PPS before 20 minutes of

Insulin shot. During 9-5to26-5 ,experienced hypoglycemia 2 times on second time FBS64, stopped

Insulin and continued with tablets. Consulted Dr.on 26-5 prescribed same insulin 22units morning

& same tablet evening rest of medicine continued except Nevirin&Dutas-T till the symptoms gone

As I was not comfortable with insulin ,stopped taking and continued tablet twice a day. Continued

Monitoring bs twice a week. On6-6fbs123&pps193after2hrs. breakfast is over. From 14-6 I started

LWMDR.fbs on that day was 93,pps248 without medicine (2hrs after breakfast is over )

FBS ,fluctuated ,during 14-6to12-7,lowest 75,highest 111

PPS—ditto-- --do- --do-- lowest194,highest248 (-----do------ )

FBS---do--- --do- 16-7to13-8,lowest79,highest 104

PPS---do--- --do- --do-- lowest 109,highest204(with medicine &2hrs a.b.is over )

FBS---do--- --do—16-8to17-9,lowest 86,highest 124

PPS---do--- --do-- --do-- ,lowest 150,highest 209(------------do---&2hrs after first bite of breakfast )

From the above table it is clear that the desired results could not be achieved during the period

Of 3 months . I am following the correct procedure of LWM preparation .

please guide me.

This is addressed to all members & special attention of George sir,

Ramesh Rao


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jambu sar is best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes.

or you can take sarivadarisht for one month


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