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Please help. I am trying to cut out the carbs even though I may have a spoonful of grits or potatoes every once in awhile. My levels did go down enormously at first and I lost eleven pounds, but my thirst has led me to drink diet tea sweetened with Splenda. Now my levels are creeping back up and so is my depression. Is there anything else I can use to sweeten my tea that won't affect my blood sugar? I am going to buy Stevia today. That may help. Diane. I am trying to be strong.

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Thanks. Just got stevia. After giving up my biggest vice yet, beer, it took two weeks. You should know, I a city girl from Detroit and my father was proud to provide all the ham, salami, and milk we could devour. And I did. Long row to cultivate. Diane. Potato is going to be a distant memory.

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Even for a diabetic ,there is no food,which is absolute NO. It is the balance of protein, fat and carb that is most important. Once you are able to make proper adjustments,which is best for your blood sugar,you will be as normal as any body else.

BTW did you ever try to analyse why you get so must thirsty ?


Working on the balance of foods as you suggested. It's probably the amount of salt in use in my food that adds to my thirst. Thank you for your input. I keep a diary of insulin and some foods that may result in higher BG's and have been analyzing it for the reasons, but somethings I don't write down all of the time, like added salt and other medications. Diane


Thirst can be quenched by drinking water; need not drink tea or any other drink.

Water alone has the capacity to quench thirst immediately.

Other foods containing water will have to stay in the stomach until the food stuff gets digested--may be two to three hours.

So there is delay in quenching thirst.




Thanks. I realize now I must drink more water. Just drink the tea for an energy boost.


Tried the stevia today, just didn't use as much as I did the splenda. The must be acquired. I appears as though I must keep tract of everything that I do and that goes in my body. I was using the tea for an energy boost.



Thanks. Will look for some Feenugreek seeds this week.



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