Fenugreek+Cinnamon+ginger+turmeric powders combination cures or controls diabetic

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I have taken the powders of fenugreek, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric and mixed it and kept in the tight container. Iam planning to take this mixture 1 tea spoon by warm water or in tea to keep the diabetic in control. This idea of mine helps me in controlling the sugar levels?

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  • planning to test in home

  • Please try it for some time,say,30 days and keep monitoring the sugar levels regularly at home.What ever results you get,please post them on this site.It will be immensely useful for others.Wish you success.Are you taking any other medicine?

  • No Medicines. only these mixture

  • There is no harm in taking the Mixture suggested by "Rajeshsingh15", but what ever allopathic medicine is taken regularly, should not be stopped till not sure the level of control.

  • To,Gospi,Sir, Why do you say there is no harm in taking the mixture? MEANS ! you may not be trusting its Power, Isn't it ? Also you advise not to stop Allopathic medicine.I SEE on this site few similar reactions and advises.To you and all such believers I WANT TO MENTION MY OWN EXPERIENCE ?I brought down to normal range my sugar levels of 171fasting and 271 PPS Within 4 months of doing regular Yog ( advised and taught by Swami Ramdevaji ) and their patented ayurvedic pill Madhunashini and drinking eveyday morning i.e. empty stomock half cup juice made at home Karela+Tulsi +Ginger +4 to5 Fresh neem tree leaves.

    Please Note I am not writing this as advertisement for Swami Ramdevaji (as many others so called M .D. Doctors of modern medicine including one political party and Their Govt, all are fooling the masses .... because they have been taught like that by modern medical science and they disregard our thousands of year old time tested Yog and Ayurved),

    But my umble and noble thinking that others should be benefited out of my expeience with diabetis.Not only me but few other cases I have come accross convincing me of my belief ,as I am Yog teac her plus scientific thinker engineer but now practicing Yog theropy for healing of masses without any money spent and not any doctor.



  • Dear Tusosa, thanks fr sharing yr experience & Baba Ramdev ji is a trusted household name now. It is surely worthwhile following as a 'no side effects alternate therapy.'but you need 2 share yr results achieved in lowering your BS levels for every one's better understanding. Blessings 2 u & all.

  • Yes it will surely reduce but don't depend on them fully and continue to take allopathic medicine and when it becomes normal reduce with the advice of your Dr.or on your own be reducing no of tablets but should regularly monitor the same.

  • Kindly understand that all of us are having the sugar in our body. The question is only that in our body it goes beyond the reasonable limits and that is why it starts giving problem. Further sugar levels going below the prescribed levels are equally not good. Therefore, cure is to keep it in within the reasonable limits. Once it has come within reasonable limits, our job is to keep and maintain it in within reasonable limits and that we can do without the help of medicines and by following the following course of action-

    1. Get up early in the morning, before the sun rises and go on terrace and do the exercise of INHALE & EXHALE of oxygen, just for 20 minutes.

    2. Go for a normal work, morning and evening, 30 minutes, each time.

    3. Take a glass of hot water (As hot as tea), 15 minutes after Lunch & Dinner and it will wash out the sugar so created by the food so consumed.

    4. After 30 minutes of lunch, take a teaspoon of powder of Dry Awla (Goosberry) and Saunf (Aniseed) (both in equal quantity) with normal water. Both Awla/Amla and Aniseed are available either at the shops of dryfruits or where the spices are available.

    5. If you want to take Rice, as part of food, take it after taking out the water from Rice or preferably take Brown Rice.

    6. If you want to take Potato, as part of Vegetable, always take boiled potatos and take it in liquid form and not in dry form.

    7. Take Chapati, prepared of wheat combining of -Wheat Flour, Black Gram and Barley-All in equal quantities. Black Gram will support the function of heart and Barley will clean up and strength the kidney functions. (Reduce the ratio if the chapatti becomes hard to eat).

    8. Use of Refined Flour (Maida) should be restricted as far as possible, as it is highly contributory factor in increase of Diabeties. Therefore, the items made of Refined Flour such as normal bread, PAAO, Pizzabase, Samosa, Bhature etc should be avoided as far as possible. However, Brown Bread can be taken.

    9. Take Fruit and Vegetable Salad, as integral part of food, without pouring Salt and Chat Masala or any other spice on it, at the time of Lunch & Dinner.

    10. Take Sprouts and Milk Products as integral part of daily food. Milk Products includes Double Toned Milk, Curd, Buttermilk and Paneer.

    11. Mix up 1/4th teaspoon of Haldi Powder(Termeric powder) in winters and reduce it to one pinch in summer season (Yellow in color) with a glass of hot milk, without sugar and have it 30 minutes before going to bed. It will purify the blood in the body and also eliminates every type of pains and weaknesses in the body and further strength the body.

    12. Avoid taking vegetables like Pototaos, Sweet Potatos, Carrot etc. having the sweet contents and fruits like, sugarcane, oranges, Bannanna, grapes etc.

    13. You can have vegetables like Cauliflower, Cabbage, Methi (Fenugreek Leaves), Palak, Raddish, Lady Finger, Tinda, etc.

    14. You can have fruits like, Gowua, Apple, Pomigrantte, Watermelon, Pappaya etc.

    15. Take the leafts of Raddish and have it in raw form as part of salad.

    16. During Summer Season, always take Buttermilk-salted one, as part of food. It will improve digestive system and reduce the overburdening of Liver function.

    17. Avoid taking normal tea & Coffee. Always take Green Tea.

    18. Avoid taking Oily and more salty food. Reduce the consumption of oil, butter, Ghee and always consume easily digestable food.

    19. Take one Karela ( Bitter Melon/Bitter Gourd/Bitter Squash) and four Tomatos, make a juice of them and have it twice a day.

    20. Always go for medical tests of brain, heart, liver, kidney and eyes, once in a year. For Blood Sugar, always go for HB1C and Sugar PP-every three months, in order to observe the developments. Also go for checking the numbness of the feet and take soft brush for cleaning the teeth.

    21. Always take the restricted food, as mentioned above, in reasonable quantity, at least once in a week, so that inner system of the body will remain conversant with the restricted items also.

    22. Change in life style and eating habbits is equally important to medicine. If we depend only on medicines and will not change our life style and eating habbits, then after sometime, medicine may stop working.

    23. Change in Life Style also includes taking Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at fixed time, Getting up early in the morning, going to bed maximum by 10 PM at night, Have a sound sleep of at least 6-8 hours a day, do not go for sleep during the day time.

    24. For improving the strength in the body, Five Almonds and Five Wallnuts should be consumed. However, Cashewnuts and Raisin (Kismish) should be avoided. Further all Five types of MAGAJ are equally beneficial.

    25. For Sexual & Urinary disorders, soak one teaspoon of Methi Dana in one glass of normal water, for overnight. In the morning, take out Methi Dana and consume the water, empty stomach.

  • U didn't mention the quantity. High quantity can damage kidney. Provide a standard protocol how to prepare.

  • What is the ratio of quantity of these herbs

  • Dear Mr. Santhri, thanks for the info. Could you further enlighten how those of us who reside outside Chennai

    can avail this feather touch therapy ??? Awaiting your reply through this column. Thanks and best regards.

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