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Newly diagnosed



I am kumar and newly diagnosed at 30s. I am still struggling to accept this and trying my best to bring to normal levels. As it is a game for long run :( ; pls advice or share the the links if any on how you guys keeping the levels under control.


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what is your hba1c

You need to provide more information for members to help. Blood glucose numbers, your weight, any medication.


Hi and welcome to the DI group, kumar1809. Thank you for introducing yourself to the group. Please feel free to continue posting and commenting anytime, ask questions, take a look at the Topics/Events/Polls/Pinned Posts sections for ideas and suggestions. Also, please meet the group members. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. We will try to help to the best of our abilities.😀👍

Are you Type 1, 1.5 (LADA) or 2? Has your doctor put you on any medication for blood sugar control? Insulin? Diet and exercise routine? Here is a link to the DRWF’s free leaflets for you to read/listen to and download. Please show it to your doctor at your next appointment.

I’m type 1 and I use two different types of insulin, eat a low carb high protein and gluten free diet and have a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) system for tighter blood sugar control and a wheat intolerance issue.

It is hard to accept. Just like you I am also in 30s and had very hard time accepting it couple of months ago when I was diagnosed. Good thing is you’re at good place. Ask anything and good members will help you out for sure. One tried and tested solution is to first reduce blood glucose by diet and exercise. Try to maintain healthy lifestyle. Someone told me if maintained properly you can add at least 40-50 more years to your life. There are countless stories like Dr Bernstein. Keep positive mindset and embrace your new life. All the best.

Hello..i am taking galvus met 50/500 twice a day.. last h1bac is 8..

Everyone telling like need to control without medicine as it hit me early. But at present, without medication i am not able to keep it under normal levels.

Have a look at Google for X-PERT HEALTH book, the latest verso is 14, basic and fundamentals are the same in older versions and you can get a used book.

There are god examples on food intake. We are what we are because of what goes into our mouth. Go for over ground veg, avoid grains and underground veg.

In early stage medication and life style can help, as you go through once you get your number down you may be able to reduce medication with doctors advice.

Please try and give more information.

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Please tell us all members of your experience, it can help!!

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try slowly but keep changing your food habits daily, if you wanna really work it out ...try meethi soaked water in morning, barley daliya in breakfast, emmer wheat flour in afternoon, and improved samba masori rice at night in place of any other carb you are taking. Reduce carb intake and increase vegetables . check your d3, b12, folic acid, magnesium and other levels ...get supplements

Kumar, i was diagnosed at 40 years. It was devastating and I cried my heart out for several weeks. But really that was foolish and now I realise its possible to control it with a nutritious diet, healthy lifestyle and exercise. Dont worry. Get to work on diet and exercise and meditation right away. Good luck. Remember its a fire dragon and as long as you control it and tame it, it will continuosly raise its ugly head!!

Hi kumar1809 ,

Welcome to the forum.

Please do not get upset on the first place. You should be able to live a healthy life by knowing your condition better. This forum will help you a lot.

I was in a similar situation two years ago when i was diagnosed T2D. I'm in late thirties now.

My HbA1c was 14+ , FBS(Fasting Blood Sugar) was 440 mg/dL and PPBS(Post Prandial Blood Sugar) was 520 mg/dL.

I'm able to pull all these numbers down to HBA1c - 6.5, FBs - 111 mg/dL and PPBS 100 mg/dL in less than two years.

All you need is to buy a good glucometer and experiment with various food and find out which one suits you best taste-wise and health-wise. Please note that glucometer can be used only for trends in your blood sugar(BS),

Please read more about good fat, low glycemic index foods. Consult a good doctor who suggests change in lifestyle and diet rather than prescribing medicines.

All the best!!

Been on the same boat. So I can relate to your anxiety.

Follow Dr. Jason Fung on You tube. For newly diagnosed Diabetics...800 calories diet for 3 months gives good results in curing diabetese ,but only if started at a very early stage.

You are young and if you read latest research, diabetes is reversible. Try with shifting to right diet and exercise. First identify what is causing the problem, change that food, like it can be more carbs , more sugar in hidden forms, high amount of fruits, more sedentary work .... shift to Low Glycemic index foods like in case of roti , change to Emmer wheat or khapli. Stop fruits , increase vegetables....

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