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hai friends, again my sugar levels with in range of 7.3. I want bring the levels to 4.5 to 5 trying,  with homeo medicines I have  almost 70 percent stopped eng meds , doctor has been surprising, how is this possible,  and changed my medicines, to morrow I have to buy,   One more very very imp thing is diet diet and diet,  I have been preparing dosa with foxtail millets instead of rice,  idly. Fifty percent only got  success, today prepared playasam sweet with foxtail millettes ravva, jaggery, and skimless no fat milk, it's delicious enjoyed with no fear of sugar levels, I am confident that my sugar levels will come down with diet and homeo medicines,   One thing brown rice instead of carbohydrates rice means normal white rice, thanks will meet u soon,  in this new opening of durmukhi Nama yeAr shall bring health to all friends.  Bye

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what is your FBS and PPBS now? 

What medicines are you now taking, both english and homeo? 

what is your daily regular diet? 

I too would like to know what homeo med you are taking, if your BS level is under control with your diet. 


Most probably under control, some times fluctuates


Did you take JAGGERY ?

That has sugar ............right ?


However, to the question of airrajis......

GYMNEMA SYLVESTRA (mother tincture) seems to be a good one that works well on the Pancreas without killing the cells in it..........I just heard........dont ask me for proof pleas.


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Less quantity of jaggery


Is jaggery helping in controlling the diabetes? Please let me know how to use the Jaggery.


I never said jaggery controls diabetis


Thanks! very much. I heard on youtube it helps in digestion.


Thank you Siva 24 for your reply.


Please suggest which homeo medicine u r taking


I don't know that what that homeo doctor giving to me


With      properly      selected     homeopathic   medicine      and     reasonable`  diet   control    sugar       gets`    controlled. I     don't     think     that   there     is    ay   taboo      as`   to     any      food    intake.All      food    items`    can   be   taken  like   other    family   members    except    in  lesser     quantities   dependign   upon`   the`   age   and   physical   activity.


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