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Needed help in diabetic diet

Dear all , I am 23 , Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes , not undergoing treatment, trying to keep a tight diet ,

Morning 1 cup of methi seeds ,

breakfast : 5 Idlies (at the max)

Mid Morg : 1 ginger tea(with sugar)

Afternoon : 4 chapattis

Mid evening : 1 ginger tea (with sugar)

Dinner : i cup of Rice (with one vegetable)

Per day 1 banana

i have seen my mom suffered with diabetes , i just want to control my diabetes with tight diet , please suggest me the diet plan that i should accomodate with daily life ,

Also , since i am 23 , it is making me to worry a lot on my future

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Your diet has got you where you are now and unless you change you will be the same as your mother. You must understand that what you are eating will mainly turn to sugar. You need to change your lifestyle completely and get to understand that rice , chapatis, banana and methi all flash over to sugar. You need to adopt a LCHF lifestyle and keep to it for the rest of your life. If you get serious you will reverse your diabetes and be free of the dreadful consequences of runaway T2.

Anup should be your first resource, and diet doc next.


Do your research, understand the science and join the thousands of T2's taking no medicines with excellent blood sugar control equal to those who are not diabetic.


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What are your blood sugar numbers (fasting, pp, and A1C)?

How do you take methi seeds?

Idli/ chapatis and rice is too much high glycemic index carbs. Banana is a good fruit but loaded with carbs as far as diabetics are concerned. You need to revamp your diet all together my friend. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist but another diabetic like you. Share the details about the questions I asked you, you can do so via a private message here if you wish. And we can take it from there. I will be happy to share the info I have and make suggestions.

If your doctor has indicated that you should seek medical treatment (depending on your blood sugar readings), then you should listen to your doctor to begin with. Remember just because you start meds doesnt mean you will have to be on meds right away. But if your blood sugar numbers are very high diet alone won't be of help in controlling them immediately.

Life style changes and change in diet will help you stay off meds going forward and to keep diabetes under control.

Good luck.



First thing first.. Stop worrying.. Nowadays lot of people are getting diabetes is 20s.. I am not going to the reasons behind it because it doesn't matter! One gets diabetes then he has to live with it the entire life! Please do following -

* understand diabetes.. Search in Google.. U will know that there is no cure for it..

* search LCHF and understand it.. Then apply it in ur life.

* understand that diabetes can't be cured.. It can just be managed..

* aim for non-diabetic sugar levels and hba1c levels...

Mr.Anup in this blog has completed 5 years with diabetes with LCHF with no drugs..

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Your height n weight

Any associated hormonal disorders like Thyroid?


Srarch. And. Listen to dr b m Hegde in you tube.

You understand that The world of pharma mnc, their agents, the doctors are fooling you.

I has high readings. The super specialist as shocked at my energy levels happiness with high numbers. Now and then took some medicine. Ate black jeera, waling 4 km a day my reading us close to normal.

I keep my mind engaged. Enjoy my writing free... Free-ebooks.net/search/Natarajan

Good wishes


Don't follow general guidelines that doctor tell u.. Like eating carbs is essential, u should not eat much fat, eat low glycemic index foods, eat 10 times a day, walk at least for 4 km.. Because it is now proved that none of these work!!! Just follow LCHF.. It will help your diabetes...


One positive point is that since you are quite young...so you have bright chances of reversing the condition...younger you are...healing power of body...will power of mind are much more strong ...just stay optimistic like a child :) carry on and do whatever some of the great people in community say to do...you are on a right place at right time...this is the best part :)

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Dear i just want to say, the Methi seeds and all stuff u eat is full of toxins and pesticides, even our food grain is contaminated today,

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