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Blood test report anddiet

Hi friends I am already posting my introduction and details

I am diabetic from 2010 the blood test report on august first week

FBS 115 Ppbs 139 HBA1C.4 TC158 TG 80 LDL 82 HDL 60 VLDL 16 hb 16.3


Height 5.8 wt 63 kg BMI 21.8

HBAC 6.4 % thatis 137 mg /dl so i am in normal and my healthy condition is good and fit no any other abnormality noticed so far.

My diet is not regularly fixed time since I am having more tension and responsible work.

Early morning 5-30 Am wake up and 200 ml of cofee taking and go to meditation for 30 minutes After wards routine works done 7-30 Am i am taking 150 ml of black tea with lemon 9-30 am south Indian breakfast roti dosa idli etc go to duty andlunch no fixed meals or times also if possible came to house used whole moong fried and cooked with ground nut oil 0ne bowel and one cup of curd and some quantity of green vegetables palya and one cup of cooked rice or 1 chapati

In between these times mostly I am drinking lemon water Any way guests or claints came then for taking cofee or tea with them

Night dinner i am used one chapati and pomagranite seeds 10r 15 or applesmall pieces8 or 10

This is my diet and daily routine work

Your opinion and suggestions if any please commented

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You seem to be doing pretty well,except the fbs which is a bit high.Your routine does not include any measures to relax.I practice daily walking for about 40 min. and listen to my fovorite music like filmy,sufi,devotional etc.I used to enjoy my morning coffee immensely but after listening to a spiritual master not to take coffee or tea on empty stomach, I skipped to milk with health mix .(Sadly,that guru is behind bars now.)Only evening coffee now


In my opinion you are perfectly fit person. As medical guidelines also says FBS upto 110 mg/ dl and ppbs upto 140 mg/dl is normal for non diabetic persons The numbers may not separately for diabetics. LCHF forum were followed PPBS upto 120 mg/dl It is good if possible to maintain But age factor and hereditary aspects lifestyle may also work in these numbers .

In my opinion your work is full of tension U are busy person but also comparing your height and weight U are well in healthy try to consume lunch at home only by using complex carbohydrates like pulses either cooked or sprouted and consume with milk also If lunch at outside try to do with simple small quantity of cooked rice or chapati And u may consume peanut Almond Walnut in lunch time it may good for your health also

u are very tension person so u may take 250 mg Ashwaganda 1-1 each day after breakfast and bed time for medicine u may contact diabetologist


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