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Are we familiar with what is known as diabetes burn out ?

It is a condition which results from people with diabetes intense desire to seek freedom from this confining and frustrating disease often after years of dealing with the condition leading to complete surrender to the disease.

It is characterised by a persons complete disregard to their blood sugar levels. The person starts eating unhealthy ,limited and restricted diets and adopts unhealthy life styles. Stops taking medicines or becomes irregular with his medicines,fully knowing its consequences.

It is often associated with stress, anxiety,depression and emotional states such as anger, resentment,shame, guilt and helplessness. Such person may also indulge in self destructive behaviour which may lead to hypoglycemia and coma.


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A senior former colleague of mine is in the state narrated above by @patliputra. His family, relatives & friends/colleagues are sad about the state of affairs. I had drawn his attention to Long Wheat even two decades ago. He is not taking things seriously.


George, as this condition is often associated with anxiety and depression,it is advisable that the person concerned should get a psychiatrist support.

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You are right. He slipped to this state following the sudden passing away of his son (soon after return from evening tennis play) who was only in 40's.


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