I am 71 years old diabetic since1984. living in chennai I checked my sugar level in may 15 .The results were abnormal , hospitalised for 3 days sugar level brought under control ,my prostate glands have also enlarged.

I am now under AMaryl M1 tab-2 times a day ( m+n) Jalra tablet -2 times a day. ( m+n) Forxica 10 mg tablet (m ) Remylin tab (n). Capsule urimax (n). capsule D rise (m) & lantus injection 12 units

I am taking this for past 90 days my sugar level is between 80 to 100 now. I eat well

I have stopped lantus now.

Presently I am in US till. October15

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  • you stoped lantus why?

  • Sugar under control

  • dear subramonyan,

    it may be that you had an infection which caused the rise in sugar[or some traumatic ]. which cleared now and the insulin lantus became redundant.

    be careful to watch .were you on diuretics before the sudden rise that caused hospitalization?

    good luck

  • Thank you. I will be careful

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