Sonamasuri Raw Brown Rice ( Organic + Unpolished)

A bit of good news for all you diabetics who long to eat rice but cannot. I have been having this rice for over a year now, and its glycemic index is really low. My PBS after eating a cup and half of this rice (cooked) was 80. Of course there are people who might already be aware of this, but I thought I will share this for those who don't. As usual, when you are trying out something new, check your BS in your home glucometer to be sure it agrees with you. I buy the 24 Mantra brand, but this is available in all leading supermarkets by other Organic Brands too. this is FYI only.

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  • Why don't you try Indiamart?

  • Yes dialife I agree with you, I am also using this 24letter brown rice from a long time ,it's really has a low glycermic index it keeps my blood sugar v normal I take this in lunch and dinner along with veggies and chicken, we should spread this news to rice lovers ,eat this brow rice it's also gluten free ,

  • Agree with you!

  • You can improve it further if you go for parboiled basmati rice. Parboiled is superior to brown rice owing to his better nutritional and higher resistant starch content. Give it a try and give us your feedback!

  • Thanks for the info, will definitely try it out.

  • I agree. I have tried India Gate brown rice and Daawat brown rice. While India Gate brown rice was no better than white rice, spiking my BS to 180 two hours after eating, I found that eating the same portion of Daawat brown rice did not spike my BS and it was 120 two hours after eating.

    From what I understand, it depends on the length of the grain. The longer the grain, the less spike it will cause in BS, but it still depends on how much you eat. You cannot eat a humongous amount of it thinking it will not spike BS at all.

  • But this particular rice is "unpolished" and that's what makes it low in glycemic index. Do try it out.

  • According to what I read, the glycemic index of brown rice has been found to be higher than that of white rice paradoxically. It is not recommended if you follow ayurvedic principles. It is not even considered sattvik compared to white rice. Try parboiled basmati.

  • In my experience brown rice is better than white rice, but the unpolished variety is the real deal, it is very low in GI. I have checked my BS after eating it.

  • Yes, follow your experimentation and intuition. What we read in the literature is just a rough guide. Brown rice, unlike your favorable experience, does not lower my BG at all, so I do eat much of the grain generally. GI values varies from source to source which shows the difficulty of controlling variables.

  • GI is measured on normal humans.

    Same cannot be applied to diabetics as response curves are not same as in non Diabetics.

  • How muchG index?in a cup of cooked brown rice. Thanks.

  • Brown rice seems to be almost the same GI as white rice, but the unpolished brown rice that I mentioned has a very low GI, plus it keeps you full for hours. Good for weight loss too.

  • you are actually asking about glycemic load and not glycemic index here - it's not the same thing.

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