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Intolerance to metformin

Intolerance  to metformin

Hi friends want to know whether long wheat is available in kolkata ? Also where .Myself arunima,64 years old, having diabetes from 20 years and depending on insulin for 4 times a day. If it can be cured by long wheat mash therapy, I want to go for it. My fbs is 160 and pp bs 120. Hba1c is 6.9. Awaiting your support .


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If you could not locate it so far, please try the following

KOLKOTTA AVAILABILITY An ex-colleague from Calcutta (Mr S K Banerjee) said "Try at SPENCER in BASEMENT of SOUTH CITY MALL, near JADAVPUR uNIVERSITY, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkotha".

KOLKOTTA AVAILABILITY Kzm Calcutta Iyer said: LW is known in Calcutta as Punjab waala or lambi waali ghanhu

Please inform the result of search.


Dear Mr.George,thanks a tonn for helping me.As soon as possible I will be going to south city mall.It's not close by but I would like to go within this week. Will let u know if available or not.wish u a healthy and peaceful life.


Dear Sir, I myself went to south city mall which is 1 hr journey by Car could not see and people around said there was never in this shop.Doesn't matter till I acquire the same . Now I can be blessed by one amongst you all if I come to know that nilgiris like market or any such supermarket send the product by courier to deliver in my address. I will bear all the expenses incurred. If any positv result or if you say then I shall write my home address of kolkata and Gmail and necessary documents. Sir only hope remaining now. Regards and best wishes. .......arunima


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