Diabetes India

Do you know some interesting facts about Diabetes ?

1. Earliest blood sugar testing in urine called Clinitest was introduced by Ames Diagnostics in 1941.

2. Ames Reflectance Meter was first portable blood glucose meter,was marketed in 1969,with condition,to be sold only to doctors and hospitals. Only in 1980 in became available to general public.

3. India has highest number of people with type2 diabetes.

4. The country with highest percentage of type2 diabetes is a tiny island in South Pacific called NAURU.

5. The oldest known record that likely referred to diabetes was 1500 BC in Egypt.

6. Diabetes symptoms ,weight loss, thirst and excess urination was recognised 1200 yrs. before the disease got its name.

7. The greek physician Aretaeus gave name diabetes,but thought that snake bite the cause of disease.

8.Dr. Thomas Willis was first to describe pain stinging from nerve damage due to diabetes.

9.In ancient times doctors would test urine by tasting urine to see if it is sweet.

10.In 1850 a French physician advised patients with diabetes to eat large quantities of sugar.

11. Before 1921 treatment for diabetes was starvation or semi starvation.

12. In 1916 Dr. F.M.Allen developed a treatment programme for diabetes in which whisky mixed with black coffee was given.

13. In 1922 pancreas was discovered to have a role in diabetes.

14. Type1 and type2 diabetes was officially differentiated in 1936.

15. In 1942, the first oral type2 diabetes medication was identified, a sulfonylurea.

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Please recall what our great physician/surgeon recommended as a remedy for diabetes management : digging a well or breaking stones,implying hard physical work.


Thank you for sharing.


An interesting news for me .


I expect members to come out with more unknown and interesting facts about diabetes.


I am surprised, that this test, Benedict's urine test is still in vogue. When blood sugar goes beyond 180 mg ( renal thresh hold ), sugar test becomes positive in urine.


yes below 180 or 190 mg /dl noticed in the blood then urine test shows +and it may shows o5 % ortrace below 180 level it may not noticed in the urine test The patient maythink he is control the BS. But i urine test maybe used for ketonesalbumin and any other infection found Main Microalbumin urea test to be done it may some howgood ?


The routine examination of urine includes sugar and albumin. For ketone bodies you have to ask for it specifically. Micro albumin is entirely different test, not included in routine urine test.


Yes Urine routine urine analysis and microalmumin test are separate. But sugar identify urine result does not useful accurately It is good urine routine test it is useful to found the protein in urine as albumin and ketone

In blood test all these tests may be found and it is more accurate than urine result .

Immediate result want for doubting sugar albumin and ketone it may be used

this is my own opinion any further thing clarify


If albumin starts coming in urine, it is indicative of kidney damage . The extent of damage has to be determined by other tests like Doppler sonography of kidney.

It is also worth noting that with kidney damage ,requirement of insulin starts falling,so if not careful ,it is most likely that hypoglycemia will set in.


yes it is main reason At least urine test to be done every month for prolonged DM persons that is why exceses of protein and fats consuming is danger for prolonged diabetes and also more than 60/65 ages and above

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Very intresting revealations.

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Boil on the nose or upper lip near nose,if occurs frequently, may be an indication of diabetes.


Resistant and recurrent skin infection also points in the direction of diabetes. The skin infection may either be fungal,protozoal or bacterial.


Do you know hyper sensitive skin of thigh on the outer side is also indicative of diabetes. These are uncommon findings.


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