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An atlas ( book) of Indian food has been brought out by Madras Diabetes Research Foundation .

MDRF founder, Dr.Mohan said a team of 14 people ( endocirnologists, dieticians and nutrition experts) worked on the project for seven years tasting and testing every day food from across the country to bring this atlas.

The atlas features calorific values along with details regarding carbs, protein and fat content and also the dietary content in each food.

"The 200 items listed here were shortlisted from about 5000 food items across thecountry.

While the western cruisine is standardised, the Indian cruiisine is very chaotic. So we have arrived at the average nutritionlvelratioo " says Dr.Mohan, the president of MDRF.

"The atlas comes close to analyzing food in personalised manner" says a health care consultant.

A typical representation is given below:

Idli ( large ) :50-60 gms

Energy kcal :90

Carbs: :19.4

Protein : 2.8

Fat :0.3

D.Fiber : 0.9

The last info is very imporatnt as it can be deducted from carbs to arrive at the net carbs which actually leads to increse in blood glucose.

My Comments:

Since long, there was a cry about the need for suggestions for " what food/diet to follow for diabetes.." in the Indian context, though such manuals are plenty on western foods.

This atlas would go a long way in filling that gap: Coming from experts who are in this field for decades, and from a reputed Indian institution, I feel proud as an INDIAN.

As soon as I get a copy from MDRF I will share some of the contents with my readers in this forum. I may also start quoting from this book reg food/diet intake ( a field which I have desisted so far).............


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Please share information as to how to buy this book.


Sir, Please visit the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation site www. mdrf.in where there is a link to the ATLAS book.



This book is NOT about " how much carbs..."

It is one of the most reputed diabetes centres in India and in the field for decades;(www.mdrf.in) I had visited the institution in 80 s. The book is an atlas or reference book telling us or informing us what are the main food constituents in many of the types of Indian food. One typical snack was shownin my blog.

How much carb we take is OUR decision.. By now is it not obvious that a low carbs diet would help immensely. Each one of us have to do do amind set change, think, ponder and attempt to change what ever we can in our daily diet/food to improve our sugar levels and A1C values..

That would go a long way in improving our health. Afterall, that is the final idea.

This book will help us a lot in arriving at such decisions.

There is a reference to a latest thinking in ADA.

I quote: " There is a view that low carb diet may help diabetes people "..

That is equal to million words..................


Agree.At end of the day,we should take charge of our diabetes because I believe in the uniqueness of each individual and therefore his problems and solutions thereof will also be unique.Thank you.


Book should clearly say that if you eat one idli, your blood sugar level will increase by 20. Something similar. which a lay man can understand


The links between BS level increase with the in take of food , measured interms of carbs, proteins and fats is available in NET. But the main factor here is the individual's metabolism. So,normally,thumb rule sort of thing for each food is not normally given. The next best thing is to know your carbs,fat, protein intake. This book is an aid towards that......


An atlas ( book) of Indian food has been brought out by Madras Diabetes Research Foundation. is this book available for sale? what is the price and how to have it?

thank u.

yeshavant nevrekar

email: yeshavant@live.in.



Sir, Please visit the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation site www. mdrf.in where there is a link to the ATLAS book.

I have enquired from them whether they have net banking facilities for purchasing the book. The payment mode mentioned is DD.


dear sir,

the book is Rs 850 plus postal charges .Given below the site pls check



This is further to the BLOG....

I have requested MDRF, the information about the facility or modes of payment by credit card/ e -banking for the book purchase to be put in their site , along with the book details, which is already there.




Please read Times of India of June 6th 2013 which published details of diet suggested in the book under reference


vishnu namboodiri


This is indeed a breaking news...thanks a ton kkmmss, for bringing this to all our attention... Since I live in Chennai, hope it will be easier for me to approach them to get the book, which I would like to do ASAP.

By the way, what is the price of the book...I couldn't spot that in the link to the book...



Price is Rs.850/- as mentioned in the link...sorry...


I cant get the link my iPad is not opening the link could you let me know where I can get the book in Bombay .tks


Further to their website...there is blog linked to the website ,which is useful



Thanx 4 the info on th relevant link/info about diet/caloric value.Sush book/info shall immensely benefit diabetic etc.


At the out set v all are in the college level now. But there are new enterers. So it is best to have some preliminary information that is required some times.

Yes the basics.reason/ type/remedies etc.

Plse. Help.


You are right....Life is about learning.

It is good to educate /keep ourselves informed about the basic metabolism mechanisms of carbs, proteins and fats, reason for diabetes, role of various vitamins and nutrients ( even phytonutrients about which scientists are trying to learn now), various schools of medicine, role of herbs in the treatment of diabetes, ....It is always worthwhile to learn pros and cons of various diets ) Atkin's diet. DASH diet , thecontext inwhich they came about,... the limit is endless.

A look at the various earlier blogs in this forum would help

A line about what raders would like to read would also help.....


Dear kkmmss, i have been reading ur blog some time back. Looks like you have been collecting a very authenticated information. Please let us know the details/link about the general health as well whenever you come across. We would like to understand the importance of having a proper diet to keep ourselves healthy


Certainly sir, but first .. as usual some lecture ( I should been a teacher...)

We are in an era of Information Explosion; For every 10 articles on " Benefits of XX" there will be 11 articles on " harms of XX". So it is necessary to follow certain eminent people, scientists, or medical professional experts who run their own site for decades with no hidden commercial interests.. But there maybe even some pitfalls in this approach, But that is the best we can do ... We can not be masters of all fields of science...

Reg your query, I would not like to give details in this public forum ( since it will also draw some adverse remarks). You please notify your e mail ID. I will send the way to go, in a couple of days



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