I'm a 72 year old male Type 2 diabetic since last 2 years, having one drug each day, which contains Metformin-500 mg, Pioglitazne-15 mg & Glimepiride-1 mg.

My PPBS count for last one year remained 74 - 112, checked every month. The HbA1C reading remained around 5.7-5.8, checked every 4 months.

As per doctor's advice I'm also having Suclarose based artificial sweetener in my cup of tea/coffee, which I take frequently.

Apart from not taking direct sweets, I don't follow any diet chart meant for diabetics.

As such, should I reduce the dosage of the drug or continue with the same?

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  • Please talk to your treating physician. You may need to reduce your drugs. Be watchful for hypoglycemia.

  • Thanks for your speedy response.

  • FBS has not been checked since long.

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